Lonely WWE Star Baron Corbin Holds Ribeye Steak Cookoff By Himself

Baron Corbin is known throughout the wrestling world as The Ratings King of Friday Nights, but his true passion isn't in the ring; it's in the kitchen. Corbin is constantly posting about his meat-smoking escapades on social media, even if fellow WWE star and rival Renee Young often hogs all the culinary glory with her own cooking-related posts. While King Corbin usually manages to keep a positive attitude about his cooking posts even though far fewer of his wrestling colleagues respond to them than they do to Youngs, but the cracks in his psyche may be beginning to show.

Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?

Corbin took to Twitter this week to announce a ribeye cookoff. But if you thought Corbin would invite Young and other WWW food-lovers over to see who has the best culinary skills of all, Corbin's contest was more akin to a lonely little girl holding a tea party attended only by her dolls and stuffed animals. In Corbin's cook-off, the competitors were the different steaks he was cooking. "Tonight's dinner the ribeye challenge! Which on is the best?" Corbin tweeted. "SRF wagyu? Certified Angus? Angus prime 40 day dry aged?"

"All finished 132-135 internal temp," Corbin declared after cooking and eating the steaks. "The winner for me is the prime 40 day dry aged! Salt only tonight and seared in beef tallow." Corbin later posted a video recapping the process, which involved first cooking the steaks in the oven and then adding a sear in a cast iron skillet using only beef tallow.

Though Corbin puts on a happy face in the video, you can tell that he's hurting on the inside. Why don't Baron Corbin's fellow WWE superstars care about his cooking as much as they do Renee Young's? Oh, all of these WWE stars can go and party on boats or visit bars and catch coronavirus, but not a single one will chill at Baron Corbin's house and eat some steak? King Corbin, The Chadster wants you to know, if you ever need someone to help you eat some steak, maybe drink a couple of White Claw seltzers, and talk about guy stuff, just say the word and The Chadster will be there.

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