Marvel Zombies Possible Episode Count Has Us Asking Questions

While our feelings on Marvel Studios & Disney+'s What If…? was a mixed bag, we would be lying if we said that the news of an animated spinoff based around Marvel Zombies didn't get us excited. And that was elevated by the time San Diego Comic-Con wrapped, where we learned (along with updates on What If…? Season 2 & 3 as well as Spider-Man: Freshman Year and X-Men '97 updates) that the series would hit the streaming service in 2024 with a TV-MA rating. The presentation also included looks at zombie versions of Ghost, Abomination, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Okoye, and Captain America. In addition, new heroes like Jimmy Woo, Kate Bishop, Yelena, Shang Chi, and Ms. Marvel were also previewed. Now, we're getting some more intel courtesy of writer Zeb Wells regarding the season's number of episodes and the follow-up questions it raises.

marvel zombies
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During an interview at New York Comic Con, Wells was asked about the "Marvel Zombies" episode of What If…?, which then segued into the writer clarifying his involvement in the "Marvel Zombies" universe. "So I did not do ["Marvel Zombies" What If…? episode], but I'm doing the spin-off. So it's not out yet. But I love that episode too, so when I got the call that they were going to do a spin-off from that episode, I was like 'oh yeah, let's do it,'" Wells explained. But it was the last part that caught our ear, with the writer adding, "So it's four episodes, not sure when it comes yet, but it's looking really cool." Hmmm. So does that mean four episodes, each the same length as an average What If…? episode? Or could we be looking as a "smaller ep count/longer episodes" scenario? Is it possible that Wells may only be referencing the episodes that the writer is connected with? Here's a look at the full interview from, with Wells offering a brief but important update on Marvel Zombies beginning at the 8:12 mark:

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