Marvel's Inhumans Season One: Maybe It's A Character Drama After All

Marvel's Inhumans is not the best reviewed series every made. In truth, it's hard to find a critic that says nice things about it. I've done my best to find the good in the show and I've stuck with it with only one episode left. And while it's not on par with the Marvel Netflix series nor does it have the grand spectacle of the MCU films… the Inhumans are similar to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and there is some good things going on here.


I've said it before and I think Marvel did itself a disservice by putting the first two episodes in the IMAX theaters. There was nothing about it that justified that move. It was an ego thing and set expectations for the series way too high. I think a lot of critics can't get past that and I can see why. For me the series didn't really start taking shape until episode five. The problem was… they weren't likable in any way. Coming out of the theater, I found myself pulling for Maximus because he came across as sincere and genuine. While the Royal Family came across like arrogant and entitled. I didn't feel the love between Black Bolt and Medusa, Karnak and Gorgon were jerks and Crystal was a spoiled princess. The most likable was Triton and he was gone in the first five minutes.

But as the series progressed, you got to see the characters interact with humans and come down a notch or ten. Karnak lost his ability to know what was going to happen… he had to try things and suffer the consequences like everyone else. Black Bolt and Medusa had to rely on others instead of demand. Gorgon met humans who were willing to fight with him because they felt it was right. And they in turn opened up the Inhumans to a different way of seeing things. As the seventh episode ended. I felt the connection between Medusa and Black Bolt… her frustration at seeing the man she loves becoming a killer. Karnak gambles to try and save his cousin and enlists the aid of an enemy. Each of the Royal Family has grown over these episodes in one way or another… except Triton who is just a bad-ass. While we learned more about Maximus and like him less and less.

The series wraps up next week and I would doubt that there will be a season two. The characters could be folded into Agents of SHIELD, but that show has it's own struggles. That said, I would watch another season of these characters. To see what their time with humans has done to change them and how that change will effect the people of Attilan. To see if Black Bolt can become the type of King his people deserve… that would be worth turning in for.

Marvel's Inhumans airs Friday at 9 PM on ABC.

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