"Modern Family" Dysfunction: "Snapped" Leans Too Hard on Slapstick, Latina Stereotypes [SPOILER REVIEW]

After last week's welcome return in the form of opener "New Kids on the Block,"  ABC's Modern Family took a slap-sticky step backward with a disappointing second episode of the show's 11th and final season, "Snapped".

Honestly, I had to rewatch this episode before making my way to NYCC, and I could not remember anything that happened. In fact, even as I write this, I realize I have once again forgotten the different storylines in this episode. Everything about this episode felt what I said earlier: too "slap-sticky" and trying too hard to be "cute". Usually. there tends to be a more grounded storyline or two to offset the silliness, but there was no saving grace this time. I am struggling to even remember if some characters were even in this episode.

While I am all up for "girl power" and Claire (Julie Bowen) getting moments to shine-it was just lame. I found Claire to be pretty petty. Her excuse for getting the family out and making it about herself were just bleh… it's not like her kids haven't matured in some ways over time. I'm sure they would have understood. As for the kids, they each had their own thing going on while suspecting mom was up to something – but even something with potential like that fell short. I just remember being annoyed by how silly it seemed – mostly because I've seen it before. But it worked then because the kids were younger. Now? It felt uncomfortable.

It seems Gloria (Sofia Vergara) has an interest in real estate and has been taking a course that Phil (Ty Burrell) is teaching. When we first cut to it I was pretty excited, but that turned really fast when Phil decided to push her harder because he thinks she has a knack for it. I understand the concept of "tough love", but I hated that they chose to handle it in such an over-the-top manner. Going the Mobster'"femme fatale" route with Gloria… again?

I'm glad she ended up not being guilty, but man… really? I'm not a fan of her constantly being portrayed like that. While I tend to love the different stereotypes they tend to play up on Modern Family, her criminal past and the constant play up it gets annoying to me. I take it a bit personal being Latina, and sometimes the show can lean a little too hard on certain stereotypes.

While all of this is going on, Cam (Jesse Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) each ends up "falling in love" with their smart fridge, making the other jealous. The nicest thing I can write about that storyline is what you just read – let that speak volumes.

So "Snapped" was a major disappointment for me because it commited the rare Modern Family sin: it left me without a single laugh. Not one. I would be fine with that if the episode left me feeling any way other than wondering if I'd actually watched it.

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