Mustafa Ali Revealed as Leader of Retribution on Monday Night Raw

Mace. T-Bar. Slapjack. Reckoning. RetaliationMustafa Ali?! It seems that Mustafa Ali has been the leader of Retribution all along, as revealed on tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The shocking reveal came during the second match between members of Hurt Business and members of Apollo Crews' friend circle in the final hour of Raw. Ali was facing MVP in a match when Retribution interrupted, as all self-respecting Antifa-inspired anarchists do, by displaying their logo prominently on the screens of the Thunderdome. Ali initially appeared to side with Hurt Business, but then revealed his true colors.

Mustafa Ali revealed himself to be the leader of Antifa-inspired anarchist group Retribution on WWE Monday Night Raw
Mustafa Ali revealed himself to be the leader of Antifa-inspired anarchist group Retribution on WWE Monday Night Raw

From our WWE Raw report, which will be published in full tomorrow morning, here's how it went down:

Hurt Business comes to the ring again because it's not enough to see the same match week after week. We have to see it twice every week. MVP is fighting Mustafa Ali this time.

MVP vs. Mustafa Ali

  • What can be said about this particular match that hasn't been said about one of the 9,000 other matches between various combinations of members of Hurt Business and the Apollo Crews crew?
  • After Ali tosses MVP out of the ring, Hurt Business get in the ring and corner Ali.
  • But the lights flash, Retribution logos appear on the screen, and Retribution show up.

MVP encourages Ali to join Hurt Business in defending against Retribution. Ali does… for a moment. Then he climbs out of the ring and gets in their face… and you can see what's coming right? Ali turns around to face Hurt Business. He grins and orders Retribution to attack. They do. Retribution beats down Hurt Business.

WWE soon confirmed Mustafa Ali's status as Retribution leader on Twitter, posting, "He runs #RETRIBUTION. #WWERaw @AliWWE." But most shockingly of all… something interesting actually happened on WWE Raw!

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