Nerd Food: Black Flag Brewing Company's Saved by the Bell Beer

Since I grew up mostly in the '90s, I did indeed watch Saved by the Bell. It was a fun, wholesome show with good messages that kids could understand. I still watch re-runs every now and again, and overall I enjoy the nostalgia it brings whenever I think about it. Obviously I'm not alone, as Black Flag Brewing Company, located in Columbia, Maryland, released a limited edition Saved by the Bell beer just for St. Patrick's Day!

I checked it out last Friday during the brewery's St. Paddy's Day '90s Party, and I'm glad I did. The brewery is beautiful — it's brand new, impeccably clean, and they have a solid variety of beers to pick from. Plus, they're dog friendly!

Like I said, they also have a great selection of non SBTB beer as well. They all looked rather appetizing, especially the Crush and Brunch beers!

Black Flag Brewing Company

But for the sake of Nerd Food, I forged ahead with the Slater Stout, Z Morris, and K Kapowski.

The Slater Stout was indeed roasty with chocolate flavors, but was pretty heavy for me. I'm not a stout fan, but I wanted to give this the college try. I moved on to the K Kapowski next — an amber ale with a caramel flavor. It did indeed pair well with the Z Morris blonde ale, even if they only lasted a few seasons. My favorite was the Z Morris, which was very crisp and light, making it easy to down a few of these.

Unfortunately these were a limited release run, but if you're really interested, Black Flag Brewing Company is releasing the Z Morris in can form this Wednesday. $10 gets you a six pack — and it may even make you the coolest kid on your block.

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