The New Day, Experts at Hiding Electronics in Their Pants

Last Friday I got the chance to meet The New Day at AwesomeCon in DC. It was indeed awesome, and The New Day has more charisma and charm than just about everyone I've ever met — especially Xavier Woods. I genuinely enjoy this team and always look forward to a match with them.

During last night's SmackDown Live we didn't have a match with them, but rather they cut a promo promoting the WWE Network. It was fun and jovial, encouraging people to sign up for the network (at $10 a month) so they could watch WrestleMania for free — otherwise, if you're just buying the pay-per-view, it's $60.

They even highlighted that you can watch the WWE Network over a variety of platforms! Tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles… all while Big E pulled a tablet out of his pants, a laptop out of Kofi Kingston's pants, and just when you thought he was about to pull an Xbox out of Woods's pants, The Usos join in on the fun.

The two teams start going back and forth, seemingly enjoying the glow of the upcoming event. That is, until The Bludgeon Brothers appear.

Ah well. It was fun and cute, and now I'm excited to see them perform on Sunday.

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