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WWE SmackDown Preview 3/18: The Road To WrestleMania Nears Its End
 Will he get his very large hands on Reigns tonight on SmackDown?  Let's see what WWE.com thinks. After suffering a steel step onslaught at the hands of The Bloodline during a Madison Square Garden Live Event, an irate WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is on a mission to get even with Universal Champion Roman Reigns and dish out the full[...]
Xavier Woods Suffers Leg Injury And Will Miss The Royal Rumble
 "King" Xavier Woods revealed last night that he suffered a leg injury during last week's SmackDown main event, a Street Fight Tag Team Match with Woods and his longtime teammate in The New Day, Kofi Kingston, taking on The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team titles. Xavier Woods, seen here with Kofi Kingston, has suffered a leg injury that will keep him[...]
Opinion: The Golden Girls Gave Us More Than Laughs And Cheesecake
At least one notable megafan in WWE's Xavier Woods is looking forward to the convention For more information, you can go to the convention's website at ThankYouForBeingAFan.com When we ask for days off at wwe we have to give a reason as to why we would like the time off pic.twitter.com/q1Kvyh1J6l — Austin Creed – Pax Unplugged –[...]
With G4 about to pull off its own resurrection starting this summer, viewers are learning more about the role WWE Superstar Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed will play with news that the next-generation network the professional wrestling and entertainment company are partnering for a video game competition series premiering this fall Hosted by Woods, the[...]
Interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL promised G4 fans that he and Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods would have some major news to announce on Friday on who would be joining Woods when the relaunch launches this Summer And while the names and faces are ones that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if you've[...]
How big? So big that there's a teaser for a teaser- so big that interim G4 CEO Jerry_XL is here to let us know that it involves the announcement of some new talent joining Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods this summer when the network returns. Image: Screencap    And because you were so kind to join us for this[...]
Set to launch this summer with returning favorites X-Play and Attack of the Show! as well as WWE wrestler, UpUpDownDown host, hardcore gamer, and newest member of the G4 family Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed), fans will get the opportunity between now and the launch date to have a say in what they see, hear,[...]
G4 presents B4G4 (Image: G4)
But wait! There's more! G4's #G4NeedsTalent campaign will continue scouting out new talent for the relaunch, giving those in consideration opportunities to both host on-air as well produce off-air and be a part of a writing team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JNSpj83e3EVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: G4 Launch Announcement! This is BIG!! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JNSpj83e3E) In an interview in November[...]
G4 Returns: Adam Sessler Talks Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Glitches & Dildos
And yes, dildos will be discussed. In an interview last month with Variety, WWE wrestler, UpUpDownDown host, hardcore gamer, and now a new member of the G4 family Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) and G4's Head of Content Kevin Sabbe discussed what G4 will look like in 2020, and more: So will G4 be on cable, Twitch, YouTube,[...]
Auto Draft
Manticore Games has released two new titles this week, each inspired by two different creators in WWE's Xavier Woods and Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins If you haven't been keeping track of the company lately, Manticore has been doing a lot with getting people to make games using their platform, Core Which utilizes the Unreal Engine-powered[...]
CM Punk appears on WWE Raw
"I don't know Xavier Woods I met him in Atlanta He was doing a dark march one time He came up and asked me for advice Or maybe it was, hey, did you see my match? I don't know And he was always a good wrestler He could always do everything But there wasn't like[...]
G4 has a new host for its relaunch: Xavier Woods (Image: G4 screencap)
First, that WWE wrestler, UpUpDownDown host, and hardcore gamer Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) was now officially part of the upcoming G4 network reboot- which leads to the other showtopper Yes, that's right: G4 is set to return- and in an interview with Variety, Woods and G4's Head of Content Kevin Sabbe discussed Woods joining the line-up,[...]
G4 TV is back next week with a reunion special- and more? (Images: G4 screencaps)
By now, you've most likely heard the news: WWE wrestler, New Day member, and hardcore gamer Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed) is now officially a part of the upcoming G4 network reboot The news came after Woods saved Adam Sessler, Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, Kristin Adams, and Blair Herter from the machinations of host/super-villain[...]
G4 has a new host for its relaunch: Xavier Woods (Image: G4 screencap)
By the time A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special wrapped up on YouTube (and also available on Twitch), Adam Sessler, Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, Kristin Adams, and Blair Herter not only kicked us in our feels when it came to showcasing some of the best and brightest (and not so much) from[...]
WWE's The new Day Will Be Added To Gears 5 As Characters
The news came down from Xavier Woods himself on his Twitter feed that he, Kofi Kingston, and Big E would all be added as a group The gear they're wearing, while totally in line with the game, is decorated out like their in-ring attire so they match Neither Woods nor the developers released any info[...]