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The New Day, Lucha House Party, Miz and Morrison, and the Forgotten Sons competed at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.

WWE SmackDown Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship at Money in the Bank

The first match of this year's Money in the Bank was for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Titleholders The New Day were ready for opponents Lucha House Party, Miz and Morrison, and the Forgotten Sons. Fans got a taste of what's to come after this past Fridays SmackDown Live, but the stakes[...]

Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, May 8, 2020

WWE SmackDown Live Review: MITB Go-Home Ep Too Much of a Good Thing

This week's Money in the Bank go-home episode of WWE's SmackDown Live was full of superstars on their quest to Money in the Bank Overall the show had some excellent highs but did seem crowded at times Let's dive into what happened Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville jumped right into the action in this highly[...]


"WWE SmackDown": Strong Combo of Wrestling, Promos & Replays [REVIEW]

It's the road to WrestleMania, and WWE SmackDown is moving storylines right along. We opened with the SmackDown Women's champ Bayley and her best friend Sasha Banks. Joining the pair was Lacey Evans and Tamina. The four cut a passionate promo, which ended with Evans on the mat, Tamina looking angry, and Bayley and Banks […]

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"WWE SmackDown" Gets it Right with Quality Talent, Storylines [REVIEW]

This week has been huge in the wrestling world — so did WWE finish the week out strong? WWE SmackDown started with former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski coming out to the ring. Now, as a Baltimore Ravens fan, I'm naturally dispositioned to dislike everything associated with the Patriots. But Gronk is oddly charming and […]

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Because U Demanded It: Smackdown Could Go Three Hours After Fox Move

Out of all the complaints about WWE's weekly televised programming -- and there are a lot of them -- probably the one most people can agree with is that there simply isn't enough of it! With just three hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown Live, one hour of NXT, one hour of NXT UK,[...]

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A Christmas Miracle: WWE Smackdown Finally Beats Raw in the Ratings

Following several years of putting on more entertaining shows than its red-brand counterpart, WWE Smackdown Live has finally beaten Monday Night Raw in the ratings Of course, this feat required the birth of Jesus Christ, the Roman Reigns of Christianity, to make it possible, but that shouldn't lessen the accomplishment.According to Wrestling Inc., Smackdown pulled in 1.9[...]

Tickets on Sale Friday for 1000th Episode of SmackDown Live

WWE sent out a press release today promoting the 1000th episode of SmackDown Live, which takes place on October 16th at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC Tickets for the event go on sale on Friday, August 17th at 10 a.m via all the usual sources.WWE didn't reveal details on what to expect from[...]

WWE Cancels Tonight's Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Title Match After Nakamura Bitten by Dog

Despite hyping it during commercials throughout Monday Night Raw last night, WWE has canceled the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jeff Hardy for the United States Championship on SmackDown Live tonight WWE announced that Nakamura has not been medically cleared to compete in a video on social media today. was promoting the match as recently[...]

WWE SmackDown Live Will Premiere on Fox Broadcast Network on October 4th, 2019

In a barrage of press releases sent out over the last half hour, WWE revealed the details of their upcoming TV deals with Fox and NBC Universal for SmackDown Live and Raw respectively Amongst the details was an explicit confirmation that SmackDown Live will begin airing on Fox's broadcast network, as well as a premiere[...]

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SmackDown Live is Now the WWE's Best Show

While RAW is still great and has some exceptional talent, SmackDown has seen an upswing in better stories, better matches, and all of the talent seems to have much better chemistry. Last night's show was absolutely a ton of fun to watch. Every single match was great, and for me it was hard to pick […]

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Asuka and Mandy Rose Have One of Their Best Matches Yet on SmackDown Live

Honestly, give it up to Mandy Rose. Since climbing the ranks, she's really made a name for herself. She's a capable superstar, and last night she had a one-on-one with Asuka — who is still one of the hardest women to beat on the roster. Soak in #GodsGreatestCreation, @WWE_MandyRose… #SDLive 💛💛💛 — WWE (@WWE) May […]

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Lana and Naomi Go Head-to-Head in a Dance-Off on Tonight's SmackDown Live

Because WWE can't go a week without something a little odd, Lana and Naomi had a dance-off on tonight's SmackDown Live Accompanied by their respective husbands (Rusev and Jimmy Uso, with Aiden English and Jay Uso there too), the ring was rather full To be fair, they both dance well -- much better than I[...]

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SmackDown Live Opens with One of WWE's Best Superstars: Samoa Joe

On tonight's SmackDown Live, Joe came out and worked that mic better than almost anyone in the WWE With passion and fury, he informed us all that he would win the Money in the Bank match and that he would shake the WWE to its very core.I am shook by how incredible he is on[...]

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WWE's Corey Graves Promises the Pompadour Will Be Back

After being distraught over the lack of pompadour on Corey Graves during last week's Monday Night RAW, Graves soothed my aching soul, assuring me (and, frankly, all of us) that his hair just needed a break. With no offseason, the follicles deserve a chance to rest. They work hard. But, worry not! They'll soon be […]

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The Miz Tries to Psych Out The New Day in SmackDown Live Opener

Last night's SmackDown Live gave me exactly what I wanted, with Miz TV opening up the show And his special guest? Why, The New Day!The Miz grilled The New Day on who would be the one to enter Money in the Bank, and then he began to try to break them down (and possibly turn[...]

Report: Fox and WWE Set to Sign SmackDown Live Deal, Move Show to Fridays

As expected, it's now being reported that Fox and WWE are in the process of closing a deal to bring SmackDown Live, WWE's B-Show, to Fox's broadcast TV network in fall of 2019 Sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap reports that Fox will air SmackDown Live on Friday nights instead of Tuesday, which would potentially[...]

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NBC Universal Drops WWE Smackdown After Bleeding Cool Appears on Show

NBCU Universal has declined to renew its contract with WWE for broadcast rights to Smackdown Live, a report from THR claims The news comes in the same week that Bleeding Cool was featured on the program during one of the segments where WWE brags about its mainstream media coverage.'s unclear what connection, if any, there[...]

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The New Day, Experts at Hiding Electronics in Their Pants

I genuinely enjoy this team and always look forward to a match with them.During last night's SmackDown Live we didn't have a match with them, but rather they cut a promo promoting the WWE Network It was fun and jovial, encouraging people to sign up for the network (at $10 a month) so they could[...]

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Charlotte Flair May Be Ready for Asuka

After a killer promo about Asuka and Charlotte Flair's upcoming WrestleMania match, Natalya Hart came out to cut a rather enjoyable promo. Hart comes over to a serious looking Flair, taunting her about her upcoming match with Asuka. Flair tells her to lay off the catnip, and that Asuka will be her biggest challenge yet […]