Oklahoma City Thunder Ok After Plane Hits…Something

Carmelo Anthony and his Oklahoma City Thunder brethren are off to a tough start this year. 2-3 as Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Anthony get used to playing with each other. One thing that could prevent all that? A plane crash.

Oklahoma City Thunder Plane

Last night after taking a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Oklahoma City flew to Chicago for a game against the Bulls tonight. After deboarding the plane, players noticed something odd. The nose of the plane was almost completely dented in. Horrified and confused, the player took to social media to ask: what could have done this?

Can you imagine what a plane would have to hit to cause such damage? My money is on Krypto the super dog. That or bandwagon Cubs fans in Chicago throwing their jerseys and hats in the air in frustration after the team failed to make the World Series this year.

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams even asked for help from some of our great scientific minds.

No response yet form NASA, Nye, or Tyson as of yet. A Delta spokesperson claims that the plane must have hit a bird while landing in Chicago. But what kind of bird could do that? Fans theorized that it was Big Bird from Sesame Street, aliens, the gremlin from Twilight Zone, and as expected in a situation like this, Superman. Some of the more humorous suggestions were Michael Jordan dunking, a Stephen Curry jump shot, or a Kevin Durant's tears. Some even suggested that the egos of Westbrook and Anthony are such a strong force that they sucked the front of the plane backwards from inside the cabin.

The way the Thunder have been giving up open looks so far this year it could have been a jumper.

Thankfully nobody was injured. The Thunder play the Bulls tonight.

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