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"PUBG Mobile" Offers Curry & Antetokounmpo A Competition Invitation

PUBG Mobile caught wind of Stephen Curry asking Giannis Antetokounmpo for his gamertag, and they want in on showing it off. Earlier this week, the two NBA stars were caught talking to each other, and some suspected Curry was tampering. Curry was forced to respond by letting people know he just wanted to get in a […]

"Holey Moley" Debuts Thursday. Are You Ready?

"Holey Moley" is Not on This Week, Here's What to Do Instead of Crying

There are a lot of things worth looking forward to every week. That perfect sunrise. Chris Evans' smile. A basket of enthusiastic puppies looking for snuggles. These last few weeks? It's been Holey Moley, the glorious union of everything right with the world. If you need an hour to turn off your brain, relax, and […]

"Holey Moley" S01, Ep02: "The Thunderdome of Mini-Golf" (SPOILER REVIEW)

"Holey Moley" S01, Ep02: "The Thunderdome of Mini-Golf" (SPOILERS)

Twelve new contestants enter the Golfstacle Course of Holey Moley on ABC, the single most whacked out hour of mini-golf on network television. If Hunter S. Thompson created a mini-golf show, this would be it. First up: Evan squares off against Robin. Robin is one of the best female putters on the planet. Robin goes […]

"Holey Moley" is the Citizen Kane of Dumb Game Shows

"Holey Moley" is Putting Back Into Our Hearts on Thursday

There where a lot of things I thought Holey Moley, ABC's absurdly goofy, addictively watchable mini-golf obstacle course show would do- solve world hunger, end war in the Middle East, save me a lot on that muffler- but I never, not once in a million years though it would make me fall in love. I […]

"Holey Moley" Debuts Thursday. Are You Ready?

"Holey Moley" is the Citizen Kane of Dumb Game Shows

Friends, Holey Moley has finally descended from the heavens of specialized network absurdity, and the world will never, ever be the same. Mark my words. Everything you need to know about Holey Moley is laid out for you during the opening, where host and executive producer Stephen Curry explains what his purpose is, then we're […]

'Holey Moley' is Going to Be the Sleeper Hit of Summer!

"Holey Moley" Debuts Thursday – Are You Ready?

Holey Moley is hitting ABC this Thursday, and I can only hope and pray for two things. One, it needs to be stupid as hell. Please, in the name of our most sacred The Masked Singer, please let Holey Moley be as insipid as it possibly can be. Second, I need the words "Holey Moley" […]

'Holey Moley' is Going to Be the Sleeper Hit of Summer!

"Holey Moley": A Better Look at Bonkers Mini-Golf Course

On Thursday, June 20th, the greatest, wackiest, goofiest concept to hit TV in ages will debut on ABC television. No one in the world is ready for Holey Moley. It's going to be the most incredibly dumb, electrifying, and compelling thing ever broadcast. Holey Moley will bring about the End of Days. Holey Moley will […]

Carolina Panthers

Bids to Buy Carolina Panthers Have Reportedly Reached $2.5 Billion

If you think you spent too much money on something recently, this story might make you feel better. Reports are saying that the bidding for the Carolina Panthers has reached a record 2.5 billion… that's billion with a "b". Candidates to buy the NFL franchise included Fanatics owner Michael Rubin, who appears to be dropping […]

Oklahoma City Thunder Ok After Plane Hits…Something

Carmelo Anthony and his Oklahoma City Thunder brethren are off to a tough start this year. 2-3 as Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Anthony get used to playing with each other. One thing that could prevent all that? A plane crash. Last night after taking a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Oklahoma City flew […]

NBA Kickoff: When The Outcome Seems The Same, Why Watch?

NBA action kicks off tonight with a ton of interesting storylines: –Kyrie Irving returns to Cleveland, after forcing his way out and then disparaging the city he helped deliver a title to not even two years ago. – Boston, with Irving and their other big acquisition Gordan Hayward try to end the Cavaliers reign in the […]

2018 NBA All-Star Game Logo

NBA All-Star Game Gets A Pretty Cool Makeover

NBA fans are getting a good reason to tune into the All-Star Game from now on. Starting with this season's game, the teams will no longer be separated by conference. Instead, the top vote-getters from each conference will become captains and choose teams. This is a breath of fresh air for a game that lately […]

Barack Obama shooting hoops

The Top 5 NBA Teams Barack Obama Should Join As An Owner

We all know that former President Barack Obama loves basketball. He played guard in high school in Hawaii, and while President held pick-up games on a routine basis. Every chance he got, he would rub elbows with the current stars and legends of the court. And of course, would welcome the team that won the […]

NBA Finals Preview

NBA Finals Preview: All The Best Things Come In Three's

  For the third consecutive year, the NBA's two best teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors will meet in a best of seven series to determine who is the best. So many storylines in this one, possibly the most star-studded Finals in NBA history. Can the super team in the West prove […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 14

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 14, the 73rd day of the year: 1919- Max Brand […]