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Omega Beats Moxley for AEW Belt, Takes it To Impact Wrestling

In a shocking ending to Winter is Coming, tonight's special episode of AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley in the main event to win the AEW Championship. But the victory wasn't without controversy. After a hard-fought, roughly half-hour match, Omega seemingly feigned an injury as Don Callis, visiting from Impact Wrestling to do guest commentary for the match, came to ringside and pleaded with the referee to stop the bout. Moxley punched out Callis, but Callis dropped a microphone into the ring. Omega picked it up and hit Moxley with it, then followed up with four V-Triggers and a One-Winged Angel for the pinfall. Moxley was undefeated in AEW until tonight.

Kenny Omega won the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley on Dynamite: Winter is Coming, with help from Impact Wrestling's Don Callis
Kenny Omega won the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley on Dynamite: Winter is Coming, with help from Impact Wrestling's Don Callis.

Afterward, in case Omega's full heel turn was in doubt, a grinning Callis slid in the ring with the belt, and the two fled the building together to the jeers of AEW staff and the complaints of commentary, with Jim Ross accusing them of running "like scalded dogs," a classic JRism. But that wasn't even the most mind-blowing part of the whole thing.

Right before Callis and Omega reached their car, Alex Marvez tried for an interview in the parking lot. Callis told Marvez it would all be explained on Tuesday night. When Marvez pointed out that Dynamite is on Wednesdays, Callis dropped the bombshell: He and Omega will explain their actions on Impact Wrestling on Tuesday. That's right: we have a full-blown pro wrestling crossover on our hands here.

Winter is Coming delivered on its promise of a PPV-quality episode of Dynamite. In fact, between that ending, and a surprise appearance by Sting in the previous match, Winter is Coming may have actually been more substantial than most PPVs, at least in terms of its results. And now we'll see just how much juice AEW really has. Can they get enough people to watch Impact that it actually charts next Tuesday? We'll find out next week.

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