Power Rangers: Tammie Frank Reveals Jason David Frank's Cause Of Death

More than a week after his passing was confirmed and days after an online livestream memorial was held to celebrate the actor's life, Tammie Frank, the widow of Jason David Frank, has revealed in an interview with PEOPLE that the "Power Rangers" star's death was by suicide. In the interview, Tammie Frank confirmed that the couple has discussed separating but that they were "in the process of reuniting" and were having a "weekend getaway" when Jason David Frank passed. While detailing the events that led to the actor's death, Tammie Frank states, "I don't know if the hotel staff or a guest called the police, but after I was taken downstairs by the police, they were able to open the door and found that Jason took his life. These were the 'disturbances' that has been brought up numerous times online."

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Image: Nickelodeon/Saban/Power Rangers Productions, Ltd.

Tammie Frank continued, revealing that she didn't see any signs from her husband that he was considering taking his own life. "I loved my husband, and we were trying to work through our problems. His death comes as much a shock to me as anyone else. The truth is, I had no idea that Jason was thinking of ending things. Yes, he had struggled with mental health issues and depression before, but I could never predict what would happen that night," she explained. As for why she sat down with PEOPLE, Tammie Frank said she did it to clear up online rumors and to set the record straight for both herself and for her husband's memory. "While Jason was a well-known name to some, we lived a very normal life with ups and downs, just like anyone else. It has shocked and saddened me beyond belief to see that the media has turned my family's tragedy into a tall tale. Since Jason's death, I have been harassed online and can no longer stand to watch my husband's good name slandered," she explained.

First debuting in the 1993 television series, Jason David Frank's Oliver was a brainwashed transfer student to Angel Grove High who was able to break free of Rita Repulsa's control before joining our heroes (and being one of the franchise's biggest cheerleaders for nearly three decades). "The loss of my soulmate. Jason, I can't go on without you! You are my world! Yes, we had our struggles, like any marriage. But months ago, we both agreed it was worth saving. Deep conversations, vulnerability, [and] forgiveness on both our parts. I am deeply lost, hurt, and utterly destroyed. I lost my one and only true love. I am your forever 'Firecracker' baby…till we're together again," wrote Tammie Frank in an Instagram post (above) after the news of Frank's passing was first made public.

If you or someone you love needs help, 988 has been designated as the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (now known as the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline) and is now active across the United States.

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