"Prodigal Son" Season 1 "The Job" Spoils Season's Biggest Shocker: Bright Has… An Old Friend?!? [PREVIEW]

Next week's return episode of FOX's Prodigal Son finds Dr. Whitly (Michael Sheen) waking up from his coma, so at least Jessica (Bellamy Young) is off the hook for murder – but Martin is not done with her. Bright (Tom Payne) urges him to tell the NYPD that she was forced to stab him by the serial killer – and in typical "The Surgeon" fashion, he may/may not accommodate… but for a price.

What does he want? More quality time with his son – but why? What does Dr. Whitly really want: merely to connect with his boy, to inspire him to do kill, or to simply live vicariously through his homicide investigation out of boredom and intellectual intrigue?

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Can we address the face to the "Girl in the Box", will she finally be identified and her next of kin notified? I'd love closure on this chapter by the end of the season – to finally put her and that part of the backstory to rest. I suspect that it won't be that simple, and she will somehow be entangled in whatever premeditated scheme Dr. Whitly has brewing.


"Prodigal Son" season 1, episode 16 "The Job": When a motorcycle gang robbery turns into a murder, Malcolm and team are called to the scene to investigate. While he's working on a profile, he runs into an old friend from boarding school, licensed insurance investigator Vijay (guest star Dhruv Singh). Together they work to uncover the identity of the murderer and his accomplices who stole millions in watches. Meanwhile, Martin blackmails Jessica, exchanging his silence about who stabbed him for more quality time with his son.

This week, Bright encounters an old body – he had friends? With a motorcycle gang robbery gone wrong, Bright works with "old friend" (???) Vijay (Dhruv Singh) to solve the homicide. I'm finding this concept really difficult to wrap my mind around but curious to see the boarding schoolmates' dynamic plays out.

Aside from eagerly awaiting a gruesome and intricate homicide – something I've come to depend on with Prodigal Son – I'm also curious about the growing relationship between Bright and Dani (Aurora Perrineau). She seems to be someone who really connects and is learning to understand Bright and all his unique quirks.

Not sure that's a good thing for her long-term future, though…

Prodigal Son returns to FOX starting Monday, March 16, with "The Job".

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