Ricky Starks Wins Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal, Spars with MJF

Ricky Starks had a career-defining moment on AEW Dynamite after winning the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale and getting into a promo battle with MJF. MJF is not only the current AEW World Champion, but he won the inaugural Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale and has successfully defended it every year since. MJF is widely considered one of the top stars in the industry, and promos and character work are his biggest strengths, so to see Starks go toe-to-toe with MJF was impressive and could elevate the fan-favorite Starks to the next level. And the whole thing is just so unfair, The Chadster can't stand it!

Ricky Starks and MJF square off on AEW Dynamite
Ricky Starks and MJF square off on AEW Dynamite

Let The Chadster explain why Ricky Starks's promo was so unfair against WWE and The Chadster. First of all, you might think that the crowd reaction, which was absolutely crazy for Starks, was natural.  But in fact, Starks worked in Texas wrestling promotions a lot in his early career, so despite being from Louisiana, Austin could be considered like a second hometown for him. This gives Starks a huge advantage in terms of crowd reactions and familiarity with the local area. Furthermore, MJF is so good on the mic that he elevates people he's with, giving Starks an additional advantage. On top of that, MJF compared Starks to The Rock, a WWE Superstar, which is a further slight to WWE and its top talent. Finally, Starks is a homegrown AEW star who hasn't paid his dues in WWE, the real wrestling company, and yet is getting so much attention and success in AEW. The Chadster just can't stand the unfairness of it all!

The Chadster isn't denying that Ricky Starks is talented, hardworking, and earned his success. However, The Chadster can't ignore that Tony Khan is building a successful wrestling product that is taking attention away from WWE. And Tony Khan is smart enough to know that Ricky Starks is the perfect star to capitalize on because he has the skill, the fandom, and the drive to become a major player in the industry. It's just so unfair to WWE and The Chadster that all this success is going to Starks and AEW without WWE getting their due. The Chadster only wishes he had Tony Khan's wealth and influence so he could help his favorite wrestling company and provide a fair competition for Tony Khan's AEW.

Starks will face MJF at Winter is Coming next week, and both the Dynamite Diamond Ring and the AEW World Championship will be on the line. The Chadster predicts that Tony Khan will find some trick to make Starks win the ring but not the belt, thereby putting over both men in the process, which would be just like the kind of extremely unfair thing Tony Khan would do just to RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE. Also on Dynamite next week, The Elite vs. Death Triangle Best of Seven Trios Series will continue, and House of Black will be in action.

But first, on AEW Rampage this Friday, Tony Khan continues to pull out all the stops to make the show a success while diminishing the importance of WWE. Hikaru Shida will defend her WAVE Championship against The Bunny, Orange Cassidy will defend the AEW All-Atlantic Championship against a mystery partner of Kip Sabian's choosing, and Jon Moxley will fight Konosuke Takeshita, as if we haven't seen enough of him already. Meanwhile, House of Black and Lee Moriarty and W. Morrissey will also appear, and we'll hear from Athena and Tay Melo and Ruby Soho, but there isn't any acknowledgement of WWE's own plans for that same Friday on WWE Smackdown. It's just another example of Tony Khan's anti-WWE agenda that The Chadster can't stand.

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