RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Ru-Watch: Doubling Your Fun

Double the winners, double the fun! At least, that seems to be RuPaul's motto for Drag Race All-Stars season 4. In an epic Drag Race first, we got not only one winner… but two! Yes, both Monet X Change and Trinity "the tuck" Taylor came away with crowns and cash! I could not be more pleased with this development – though it's been around, I didn't remember who won, so I was gagged and gooped all over again watching that finale.

Though Monet and Trinity both got their ultimate redemption, seeing the other queens come back having grown in their art and as people were amazing as always. It's why I prefer All Stars to regular Drag Race – the queens are less catty and in their heads and more confident in who they are as artists and entertainers…usually.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Ru-Watch: Doubling Your Fun (Image: VH1)

Farrah Moan was still in her head and annoying, though not nearly as much as she was on season 9 – I mean, she's still young, so I'll give her that. However, Gia Gunn was on season 6 and is perhaps more memorable for coming out as a transgender woman since – so her returning to compete is a big giant deal, especially in the drag community where trans queens can often be discriminated against. Good for her remaining in the gender-bending art form as well as returning to the competition – it was a big moment for her, and I'm glad we got to see her again.

Jasmine Masters, Valentina, and Monique Heart were all a delight to see pop up on my screen again, though sadly Jasmine wasn't back in it for long, it was good to see Monique finally break into the top 4. From All Stars 1, team Latrilla is back competing on their lonesome, and I'm really glad to see them both get a fair chance because let's face it – the whole team competition thing was sus from the start, sis.

Naomi Smalls is also back, and pettier than ever. I get all these young queens…but that's not what I want, especially in something as established as Drag Race. Maybe it's personal taste, maybe the more established queens really are better, maybe it's just personality and maturity; whatever it is, these baby queens be trifling and I am over it. It feels like they rely too much on their looks and that's so beyond boring to me. Give me over-the-top camp, or shock, or sickening looks with a sense of humor (yes, I am talking about Trinity) – don't just give me pretty. Anyone can be pretty if you spend two hours contouring and put them in a gown stoned for the gods, show me you have something just as charming in your head too, not just on it.

At any rate (or X Change rate), a big con-drag-ulations to Trinity the Tuck and Monet X Change, winners of All Stars 4. Now that I know it's an option and All Stars always films the finale three ways (one with each girl winning, then a tie), what's stopping us from having two winners all the time? I mean, hello! You're telling me Jujubee didn't deserve it too in season 5? Ru-demption for all, I say!

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