RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 5 Saves A Queen By Letting 2 Go

VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race goes PSA – and it's hilarious! First things first, sadly Miss Kornbread "the snack" Jete is no longer with us – she's not dead, just out of the competition on account of rolling her ankle last week and given doctor's orders to stay off of it for the next 6 weeks. Certainly, this isn't the last we've seen of her in this competition, not by a long shot.

Next up, the queens played a highly-sexualized (and totally not at all designed with the straight queen in mind) mini-challenge game where they have to, erm, thrust behind an underwear-clad pit crew member until a balloon between them pops. It was awkward for more than just a few of the queens – try the whole audience of Drag Race. RuPaul, what were you — actually, never mind, I can guess where his head was at.

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After that unconventional start to the Drag Race episode, the guest stars of the week are introduced: Tempest DuJour, Jaymes Mansfield, and Kahmora Hall. The guest judge on the runway this week is Ava Max, pop idol extraordinaire.

Everyone walked the runway in their finest spring attire: some played on the flower theme: Jorgeous, Kerri Colby (in a "monster-like" classic drag number), and Angeria Paris Van Michaels. Jasmine Kennedie also went botanical with a…green stoned corset that looks suspiciously like a Poison Ivy cosplay. Others went more "animalistic" in the form of bunnies, like Deja Skye and Orion Story; Daya Betty drew inspiration from the Monarch butterfly.

Willow Pill showed us the perfect subversive suburban "housewife" in a cute quirky 1950s housewife with an actual house for a head. As the most sickening raincloud, Maddy Morphesis stomped the runway as a raincloud literally dripping in crystals. Speaking of dripping, Lady Camden literally brought the tea party (and spilled the tea) in the most perfect spring tea time ensemble. Bosco also brought the storm clouds, but it melted into a sunny yellow ball gown and proved a costume from a Seasonal Affective Disorder number can be repurposed.

The returning queens also got some runway action: Tempest brought the house down in a sassy leopard vintage-inspired number; Jaymes is serving Legally Blonde meets red carpet Barbie; and of course, Chicago's Mackie Doll (from the house of Hallllll) is in vintage Mackie from the designer's final runway, Spring/Summer 2001.

With the Runways done, it was time to move onto the performances. Yes, RuPaul really did pull out all the stops and got Sarah McLachlan in the "sad queen" parody PSA. It was perfection, despite a few stiff performances and questionable looks.

Top of this week's Drag Race rankings is Lady Camden and Angeria, though Bosco won the week. Sadly, Orion, Jorgeous, and Jasmine were just not bringing it this week, and it's Jorgeous vs Orion. Calling it now: Miss Jorgeous is a bonafide lip sync assassin, and Orion never stood a chance, even if her wig didn't keep sliding back and she'd kept her shoes on. Seriously, you're on Drag Race – glue down your lace, pin your wig, and keep your damn heels on – you're going to fall and put holes in your nylons. Then next season, they'll be making a PSA about that.

Luckily, RuPaul and the judges agree (plus, we get the bonus of watching Jorgeous tear up the stage to "My Head and my Heart" which was nothing short of a treat). With Orion gone for good, next week's episode looks to be another banger of an episode: it's a design challenge with items from "Glamazon Prime." RuPaul's Drag Race airs Friday nights on VH1.

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