Seinfeld: 10 Fav "Something" Episodes From The Show About Nothing

Seinfeld, or better known as "The Show About Nothing" has a legacy built in the landscape of television that makes many declare certain episodes as better than all the rest.  With many episodes to choose from, specifically 180 of them over the span of 9 seasons, it'll be a debate over which should make the cut according to fans. Netflix will see the arrival of Seinfeld on October 1st. As a fan myself, there are ten episodes that continue to make me laugh no matter how many times I've watched them.

Seinfeld? 10 Fav Episodes Ahead Of Netflix Drop
Source: NBC

"The Pen" Season 3 Episode 3: Visiting Florida to see his parents, Jerry is joined by Elaine, and their trip is full of hilariously petty arguments and relatable sleeping conditions.

"The Parking Garage" Season 3 Episode 6: I've been there, not seeing my car in the garage I parked in or completely forgetting which level I was on, thank you Seinfeld for recognizing this.

"The New Friend" Season 3 Episode 18: All I can say is that this episode has one of the funniest scenes of sitcom history…and it involves a "spitting" incident.

"The Opera" Season 4 Episode 9: I'll never not laugh at the scene involving Kramer and the clown, also this episode brings different angles together on the same story in such great variety.

"The Contest" Season 4 Episode 11: One of the most famous episodes and full of fantastic wit navigating the censorship on TV preventing an open dialogue on pleasing oneself.

"The Hamptons" Season 5 Episode 20: Not all babies are adorable and not all vacations free from embarrassing moments.

"Highlights of a Hundred" Season 6 Episode 14: I'm a sucker for an episode that's a collage of favorite and iconic moments from a series.

"The Chicken Roaster" Season 8 Episode 8: The reversal of living situations between Kramer and Jerry will be iconic and reflect their personalities a little too well at times.

"The Merv Griffin Show" Season 9 Episode 6: Kramer would be the person to find an old set and bring it back to his apartment and I thank the writers for this episode continually.

"The Strike" Season 9 Episode 10: Out of this episode we get the iconic holiday "Festivus" and of course it's for the rest of us.

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