Seth Rollins Files Complaint with WWE Management

Seth Rollins has gone full Karen and filed a complaint with WWE Management over his fellow Superstars walking out of his speech last week. Rollins returned from paternity leave on last week's episode of WWE Smackdown, his first time on WWE television since last November. All of the Superstars of Smackdown gathered at ringside for Rollins' return, but when he fell into the same savior gimmick, everyone walked out. Rollins called on management to sanction the locker room for walking out of the speech and "shunning" Rollins' message.

Seth Rollins heads to the ring on WWE Smackdown as Big E is stretchered backstage.
Seth Rollins heads to the ring on WWE Smackdown as Big E is stretchered backstage.

Here's the full text of the letter Rollins sent:

TO: WWE Management
RE: Flagrant Disrespect and Egregious Conduct

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to formally express my sincere disappointment and anger in the dishonorable actions of the SmackDown locker room and treatment by this company with regards to my greatly anticipated return last Friday, February 12th.

At the behest of this very office, desperate for a true leader and star of my magnitude to help lead SmackDown to new heights, I agreed to return from my personal leave and sacrificed precious moments with my loved ones. I spent considerable time and energy planning this moment that should have been a triumph, an exaltation of a multi-time World champion. Instead, I was met with an embarrassing farce.

The disregard and disrespect shown by the SmackDown superstars for shunning my inspiring message must be addressed. While I intend to deal with these patronizing, ungrateful so-called Superstars in my own time, I expect the full force of this office to swiftly and forcefully reprimand those who refused to embrace my vision.

I await your response and best efforts to make amends for this incident.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins gives a speech that is poorly received on WWE Smackdown, February 12th.
Seth Rollins gives a speech that is poorly received on WWE Smackdown, February 12th.

Rollins released the letter on Twitter about fifteen minutes before hitting the ring on this week's Smackdown. Rollins cut a promo complaining about the speech. Here's how it went down, from our Smackdown report that will be out later:

Big E is carried out on a stretcher as Seth Rollins heads to the ring. Rollins says it's a tragedy that Big E was betrayed by his friend, and Seth knows what that kind of betrayal is like. He rolls footage of everyone walking out of his speech last week set to dramatic music.

Rollins claims to be traumatized. He has a letter drafted by his lawyers, filing a former complaint. Rollins says legal action is pending. He says he planned his big return for months and "it was RUINED! It was RUINED! Not by my friends, but by a bunch of losers. A bunch of losers and a bunch of cowards, and they ruined it because they're afraid." Rollins claims he ahs millions of followers and I'm starting to think he's doing a Trump gimmick. He says all his detractors are losers and the biggest loser is Cesaro. He threatens violence against anyone who doesn't embrace the vision and urges his followers to storm the Capitol.

So it looks like Rollins is headed for a feud with Cesaro after Elimination Chamber.

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