Seth Rollins Goes Maury Show on Rey Mysterio: You are NOT the Father

Seth Rollins took a page out of the book of Maury Povich on tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw when he revealed the results of a paternity test to Rey Mysterio, claiming one of Rey's children isn't his own. Rollins reignited his feud with the Mysterios by sowing dissension in their ranks in this segment on an already off-the-rails (maybe in a good way?) episode of WWE's long-running wrestling program.

Rey Mysterio and his daughter Aalyah listen to Seth Rollins' reveal the results of a paternity test on WWE Monday Night Raw
Rey Mysterio and his daughter Aalyah listen to Seth Rollins' reveal the results of a paternity test on WWE Monday Night Raw

From the Raw report, out in full tomorrow morning:

Back in the Thunderdome, Seth Rollins comes to the ring with a manila envelope. He says after he defeated Dominik Mysterio last week, he thought this feud, which has worn out its welcome, was over. But something has been bothering him about the family. He should have let it go, but he… oh god. He says he decided to look into this and he noticed posted photos of the Mysterio family this week and a light bulb went off.

The world needs to know the truth. He puts the photograph on the Titantron. He points out something is "amiss." It's how much taller Dominik is. Seth says it doesn't seem possible. It's unbelievable. We deserve the truth, so Rollins had some people do some digging and he has the results of the investigation. Before he reveals the info, he invites the Mysterio family to come out and find out the truth in person. He says he owes them that much.

Rey and his family come out. Rey says they're all tired of Rollins's mind games. Rollins tells him to calm down. He's come to respect them throughout their feud. He's inspired by them. They stand together, cheer each other on, fight together, and overcome adversity together. That's why they deserve the truth.

In the envelope, Seth has the results of a DNA test. He can answer whether Rey is really Dominik's father. He opens the envelope. The results of the test ar conclusive. "Rey Mysterio… you are NOT THE FATHER!" Seth laughs. The fake piped-in crowd boos. Mysterio is skeptical. He doesn't believe it. He tells Seth to stop lying.

Rollins says Rey might be onto something. Maybe he made a mistake. He asked his guy to look into the mysterio kid. Maybe it's not Dominik who isn't Rey's son, but Aalyah who's not his daughter. And if the paternity test isn't enough, he has some concrete evidence to back it up. He plays gootage from last week, where Aalyah stopped to share a tender moment with Murphy. Seth says that doesn't look like something a Mysterio would do. She wasn't consoling a Mysterio. She was consoling Rollins' disciple, Murphy.

He asks Aalyah what was going on. Rey says not to talk to her. He already spoke with her about that. He raised her to be caring and compassionate. He tells Seth to keep his daughter's name out of his filthy match. She's just 19 years old and knows nothing about our world. Aalyah looks insulted by that and walks off backstage. Angie follows, leaving just Rey and Dominik. Rey follows. Then Dominik leaves.

Rollins apologizes to the crowd. He says he just came out here to inform, not to drive a wedge in the Mysterio family. But he guesses that happens sometimes with families. Even one as strong as the Mysterio family. He looks at the camera: "I'm sure it's probably happened to some of you and your families. I'm sorry." He puts down the mic and leaves. Fantastic segment.

So will it turn out to be true? Are one or both of the Mysterio children not Rey Mysterio's? Is Aalyah Mysterio having a secret affair with Buddy Murphy? Who honestly believed this could get trashier than the Eye for an Eye match? Read more in Bleeding Cool's full Raw report tomorrow morning.

Seth Rollins plays the role of a concerned Maury Povich on WWE Monday Night Raw
Seth Rollins plays the role of a concerned Maury Povich on WWE Monday Night Raw

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