Shannara Chronicles Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Warlock

This article contains spoilers for The Shannara Chronicles season two episode – Warlock.

Shannara Chronicles

Last night we got the latest back-to-back episodes of The Shannara Chronicles, and where I love getting that much of the show at once, it does make writing up an episode synopsis more difficult remembering what happened in each episode.

We started off here with a lot of very bad things having just happened. Bandon had gotten the skull, wounded Allanon, and left to go resurrect the Warlock Lord. Meanwhile, the Crimson infiltrated and attacked during the wedding of Ander and Lyria and the king is killed. Now Wil and Mareth have taken Allanon to the healers while he slips into a coma. Tamlin gives Lyria the key to the Heaven's Well and sends her and Eretria to escape while Tamlin, Garret, and Slyder are captured by General Riga. Meanwhile, Bandon walks into Graymark and slaughters the remaining Crimson soldiers with ease. Rather impressive really.

We find out that Allanon had left the Codex of Paranor with the healers and Mareth reads it to discover how to go in and wake her father. Inside, Allanon learns that Mareth is the next druid and that his powers are transferring to her now — which means he will likely die. This is a major departure from the novels, but then again this whole season is, so all bets are off. Eretria has another vision of Amberle who asks her to bring Wil to the Ellcrys. Cogline returns to look after Lyria so Eretria can go find Wil. Allanon wakes in time to send Wil off to the Ellcrys with Eretria while he stays and trains Mareth. And Bandon, using Allanon's blood, resurrects the Warlock Lord, who now looks like a demented version of our favorite druid.

I think the decision to go back to back with the episodes really pays off here, as there isn't really a big moment in this episode. As with most series, some episodes connect the dots and moves the plot along without a lot of big reveals, and other than the Warlock Lord's resurrection, it's one of those episodes. Having another one right away makes it stronger and feel like more of a movie than just a connector episode.

The interesting thing here is the romantic connection they appear to be building between Wil and Mareth. In the novels, Wil ends up with Eretria, and I thought that's where they were going with this season — Lyria and Ander, Wil and Eretria — but now it's hard to say. You have to wonder: what kind of a kid would a Shannara and a Druid produce?

I'll be posting a recap of the eighth episode shortly.

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