Shocking Comments Made by Fired WWE Star About Former Employer

In the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, there's one thing that fans can always count on. Whenever a wrestler leaves WWE, they're going to cut a shoot promo dissing their former employer eventually. So as soon as we saw that former WWE star Rowan had commented on his WWE release, we knew we were in for a treat. In comments on a Sportskeeda video interview as transcribed by 411 Wrestling, Rowan let loose on whether he viewed his time in WWE, where his talent and appeal was obviously squandered, as a "positive." This should be good.

Former WWE star Erick Rowan.
Former WWE star Erick Rowan.

"Oh yeah," said Rowan. "You can't see it as not a positive."

Wait; what?

"The last few months there didn't go according to any kind of plan I wanted it to go, but at the end of the day, it's a job," he continued. "You do your job to the best of your abilities, and if your job wants you, they keep you, and if they don't, they don't. So you know, no ill will. I mean, they're always — you know, ex-employers you're going to be upset with for a little bit. But it's the way the business is."

Dammit, Rowan! That's not the way this is supposed to go. Hmm, there's gotta be some trash-talking out there somewhere. Be right back.

Okay, here we go. In an interview with fellow disgruntled former WWE employee Ryback, as transcribed by, Rowan addressed creative frustration for the gimmick where he was carrying around a tiny monster in a hidden cage. Now he's really gonna let them have it.

"This was the first time in my career when I was the most vocal about things," said Rowan. "I was professional, but I was vocal about it. I said, what's the plan for the cage? Why am I doing this? I was told it was something that's going to be killed by a babyface, but it will set up a good feud. Ok, it's going somewhere. I'm waiting and waiting, and that never happens. They strung this along so long; I thought, let me pitch something else. I would send in a pitch. I was sending it straight to [Paul] Heyman, and he would relay it supposedly to Vince. Whether that happened or not, I don't know. I would like to think he did, but who knows unless you go directly to the guy himself. I had no problems waiting outside the door (Vince's door), but when the show gets changed a lot of times, and you can't get in that day, you're stuck doing what you got to do that day. Then you're told what it's going to be. Then after it's been shown, then it's something else. I'm like, well, let's try to save this. Maybe we can save this. I would have a whole character pitch there. Then it was well we are just going to kill it."

Yeah! Get 'em, Rowan!

"It was the last show I was, and it was the last live show they did," he continued. "It was me vs. Drew. I was really frustrated at the time. Not only because they built me and built this thing up and didn't want to use any of the ideas, but because I felt at least I could work with Drew. Drew is awesome, and he's going to be working with Brock at Mania. I thought, ok, this is going to be good. It was a 4-minute segment with entrances, and he is going to kill the thing. I'm like, ok, do you want me to stop him? They said no, and you can't punch him. I think it was that day I went up to Heyman and said, hey, I feel bad the cage didn't work. I pitched ideas. I asked if I was ok. I couldn't get anything to work. I am very proud of what I do in that ring, whether it was written or not written. If I can't make something work, I get down on myself personally and professionally. He said I'm in great standing with the company. Those were the last words I heard. That was the last time I was on TV. It was a complete blindside in that respect."

Those sons of bitches! Well, now that we know how much WWE screwed Rowan over, surely he's totally bitter and plans to sign with AEW and make WWE pay for failing to recognize his greatness!

"Obviously, I see another side of things I want to pursue," said Rowan. "I don't really feel like signing a contract that is going to lock me down anywhere and not be able to do other things. That would be the huge takeaway for me. I want to see what else is out there. As far as wrestling goes, I still have fun."

God dammnit.


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