Smackdown Highlights: Belair, Banks, Corbin, Reigns, Pearce, More!

Howdy folks! The Chadster here, and on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, The Chadster has just one thing in mind: getting you, The Chadster's loyal readers, to click on these videos from WWE's YouTube showing highlights from last night's episode of WWE Smackdown. Why, you may ask, does The Chadster care so much? It's simple. The Chadster's sense of self-worth is tied inextricably to WWE's popularity and performance in the ratings, especially as compared to other pro wrestling shows. And so not only is The Chadster doing his part to earn more clicks for WWE by running their videos here, but at the same time, he's even fulfilling the less important but still somewhat important goal of bringing clicks to his employers here at Bleeding Cool. So in a way, these video highlight columns are like the perfect articles for The Chadster, the epitome of everything he believes pro wrestling journalism is all about.

The Ratings King o Friday Nights Baron Corbin Stands Tall over Dominic Mysterio on WWE Smackdown
The Ratings King o Friday Nights Baron Corbin Stands Tall over Dominic Mysterio on WWE Smackdown

Sorry… The Chadster's not crying. You're *sniff* crying!

Let's play some videos from Smackdown while The Chadster composes himself.

WWE Smackdown Video Highlights for January 22, 2021

Hope you enjoyed that, folks. Now, a word from The Chadster's sponsors: Bleeding Cool.

The Chadster has been entrusted with the most sacred of duties, a duty to garner more clicks for his employers here at Bleeding Cool. But the Chadster can't do that without your help, loyal readers. He needs you to read this paragraph of SEO keyword-rich text that management has asked him to share with you so that the Google gods will see the value in this article. Enjoy.

WWE Smackdown, launched in 1999 during the heart of the Attitude Era and arguably WWE's flagship weekly television show since moving to broadcast television, aires live each week on Fox at 8PM Eastern on Friday nights and features top stars including Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, and Daniel Bryan. Smackdown is also available to stream on Hulu the next day after airing, and can be viewed in the form of video clips on YouTube and animated gifs on Twitter, which some say is actually the best way to watch it. Bleeding Cool also provides a weekly recap to catch up anyone who missed the show.

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