New Orleans Saints' Alvin Kamara Fined $6,000 for Christmas Cleats

The NFL made a big move to lose the "No Fun League" moniker after lifting some of the rules against end zone celebrations. But that is about the only place they relaxed the rules; you can still get in trouble for a lot of simple things including taunting, calling out bad officiating, and even wearing the wrong color cleats.

Players have been showing creativity by wearing custom made cleats during warm-ups. But those cleats have to stay in the locker room when the real game starts. The rules require players to wear the cleats of the team colors — even on Christmas.

Alvin Kamara, the rookie running back for the New Orleans Saints, decided to wear a custom pair of red cleats to celebrate the holiday. The cleats even had jingle bells on them and looked like stockings. He was told to change them at halftime, and he declined. This has led him to being fined $6,079.


Kamara says he felt like it was worth it and told reporters:

"I told everybody what I was gonna do after the game. I'm gonna make a GoFundMe. I'm gonna find like a charity, maybe something that gets shoes for underprivileged kids or maybe something like a little league team out here that needs some cleats and donate the rest of the money to a team or something like that. I mean, the Grinch stole Christmas."

It's unclear if by "the rest of the money" he means he plans to raise money to pay his fine and will give the rest to charity, or if he's just using the attention to raise money for a good cause. Either way, you can play leap frog in the end zone again, but you can't put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

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