Sting Says He's Proud of Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes for AEW

Wrestling legend Sting rocked the wrestling world at AEW's Winter is Coming special when he made his AEW debut. Sting appeared recently on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he talked about his debut with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards and revealed how proud he is of Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes for what they've done with the place and with their careers.

Sting appears in AEW (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)
Sting appears in AEW (Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

"First of all, I'm so proud of both of those guys," said Sting of the children of Dusty Rhodes. "I mean, and, boy, it couldn't happen to two better guys, you know, I mean, second-generation wrestlers, their dad being ultra-famous and the most charismatic of all time in my book, and having to follow in his footsteps. And it can seem bleak for a minute in life. And then, suddenly a shift can happen, and, you know, if you've got the work ethic and the love of game and all that, which Cody and Dustin both have, then I guess you've got the makings to turn something like the diamond in the rough kind of a deal. And they did it. And I'm so proud of those guys for doing it."

"I mean, Cody was just like a little kid," said Sting of when he first met Rhodes. "He was just a tiny kid in the beginning. And Dustin and I, we got a history. I was on the road with him on and off. We were in the same cab of the car driving together. And so all these years later, just to see the fast forward of all this and how far they've come and the deal that they put together and the Tony Khan thing and AEW and then TNT and back in the jungle again. I mean, wow."

"I mean, people ask me in the Q and As for 20 years, you know, don't you wish there could be another WCW?" Sting continued. "What's it going to take to make that happen? Well, it's going to take another billionaire who's all in and otherwise it just ain't gonna happen. I tried a few other things. It wasn't gonna happen. But anyway, I'm so glad that Cody and Dustin did what they did, and AEW is what it is, and I get to be a part of it."

It sounds like Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes have done pretty well for themselves in Sting's eyes, and The Chadster doesn't begrudge that one bit. What The Chadster does begrudge is AEW constantly beating WWE in the ratings, causing The Chadster to become sexually impotent. Maybe one day The Chadster will also experience the kind of personal growth that Cody and Dustin Rhodes did, but until then, maybe Sting and the boys could take it easier on The Chadster's beloved WWE.

If you haven't already, give Sting's appearance on AEW Unrestricted a listen. In addition to all his thoughts on AEW that we'll be mining for clickbait articles over the next few days, Sting also looks back at his career, getting into pro wrestling with The Ultimate Warrior, working with Ric Flair, going through the Monday Night Wars, losing WCW, joining TNA, and getting his WrestleMania moment in WWE.

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