Supernatural Co-Star Padalecki Prompts Collins Silent But Deadly Story

So far, this year has been a pretty good one for folks connected with The CW's Supernatural. Jensen Ackles has his turn as Soldier Boy in Amazon's The Boys coming out this Summer, he's executive-producing the Supernatural prequel pilot The Winchesters, and directing an upcoming episode of his SPN co-star Jared Padalecki's show Walker. And speaking of Padalecki, along with executive-producing a prequel pilot to the series Walker has also been picked up for a third season. And not to be outdone, we learned just this week that Misha Collins is heading to the mean streets of Gotham as Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in The CW's pilot for Gotham Knights. And we're going to stick with Collins for this article, as Castiel's real-life counterpart stopped by Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast to dive deeper into the beloved long-running series as well as a number of other aspects of his life and career. While the entire episode is definitely worth a listen, we have two SPN-related clips that will do more to sell fans on this week's interview than anything we could ever write could.

Supernatural Co-Star Padalecki Prompts Collins Silent But Deadly Story
SUPERNATURAL (Image: Screencaps)

In the first clip, Collins discusses the "degrees" by which he went from guest star to series regular and that it wasn't the quick process that some think it was. Admitting to being a "lazy guest star," Collins explains how not watching the show ahead of his first appearance made for a take on Castiel that led Kim Manners to ask for a "less spooky" take. As Collins saw it, had he watched the show then he would've known to play Castiel as more regularly human. From there, Collins jokes about the "abuse" from Ackles and Padalecki that led to so many outtakes because Collins would have decent chunks of dialogue to get through. Though it could be "maddening" at times, Collins says overall that it was clearly "demonstrative" of the amount of fun they had on set (offering up that Warner Bros. had to pay "probably north of a million dollars" in overtime because of the three of them "fucking around on set" over the seasons). Collins ends the clip touching upon how much the three of them love & care for each other, despite what some small but vocal fan factions on social media might believe:

And here's where it gets fun and interactive! Rosenbaum gives Collins the heads-up that Padalecki (Collins jokes, "What an asshole") texted him earlier in the day to prompt Rosenbaum to ask Collins to share "the fart on the plane" story. Okay, just to be clear? Watching the clip below is worth your time for just the look on Collins' face for what felt like five minutes after Rosenbaum dropped that one. Mow, we agree with Collins that it's best he tells the story himself because it really is magical. But let's just say that it involves PF Chang's vegetarian menu, the impact air pressure has on fart control, and almost giving literal meaning to "silent but deadly":

But those are just clips from the overall interview, which is definitely worth a listen. From his early years dealing with adversity to a lifetime learning to be comfortable with himself more than needing to "stand out," Collins covers a number of aspects of his personal and professional lives. On the Supernatural front, the actor & activist dives deeper into his relationship with Ackles and Padalecki, what it was like experiencing & dealing with anxiety attacks on set, how SPN fans can sometimes project manufactured drama onto real-life situations, and more. Here's a look at the complete episodes, and you can also follow the Inside of You YouTube Channel here and listen to the podcast here:

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