Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Confirms Jared Padalecki Car Accident

This past weekend's Supernatural convention didn't stop breaking news with Misha Collins, with SPN star Jensen Ackles confirming during the New Jersey that his co-star & friend Jared Padalecki had been involved in a "very bad car accident" last week and that he was "lucky to be alive." After sharing that he had spoken with Padalecki ("He's sad he can't be here"), Ackles offered some details of the accident. "He was in a very bad car accident," Ackles shared. "He wasn't driving. He was in the passenger seat, and he's lucky to be alive. And not only that, but he's at home recovering, which—the fact that he's not even in the hospital right now is, like, blowing my mind, because I saw the car."

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Thankfully, there were no deaths associated with the accident, though the impact was enough to deploy Padalecki's airbags. "That airbag packs a punch," Ackles explained. "He's [Padalecki] like, 'I feel like I went 12 rounds with Tyson.' But he is doing OK, and he's moving around. But yeah, [it was a] really, really bad car accident. Just keep him in your thoughts, send him some love if you get a chance on social and he'll be back with us soon." On Thursday, April 21, Padalecki tweeted that he would be unable to attend the convention, with news of the accident growing through social media.

As for Collins, it appeared that the actor came out as bisexual during the fan event. The moment came when Collins was speaking to a crowd of Supernatural Family members, asking them,  "How many of you would consider yourself introverts?" Following that, Collins also asked, "How many extroverts?"  and "And how many bisexuals?", with the latter question getting the largest response from the crowd. After giving the crowd a moment to clap and cheer, Collins offers a response that sounds a whole lot like, "I'm all three" before moving on with his talk.

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