"The Circle" Episodes 11 & 12 [SPOILER REVIEW]: It All… Comes Down… To This! (Cue "Cheesy Movie Trailer" Music)

Approaching the end of Netflix's The Circle, players get to spend their last day completing final ratings and playing a game of "Most Likely": from who is most likely to die in a zombie apocalypse to who would run for president. Being held in isolation for… now that I think about it, how long were the captives held prisoner?

While relying on the all mighty circle for entertainment and a link to a pulse, the players have been hypnotized by their TV screen – with some, like Rebecca, clearly losing it a bit. So how will the players react to a last chat FACE TO FACE!!! Nerves run high as the last player is eliminated, and the final five anxiously awaiting to discover who is real and who isn't, and who takes home the $100,000 win?

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Here are some of our in-the-moment highlights from Episodes 11 & 12:

Episode 11

  • Sean leaves the circle and Sammy reaches out to Ed to bond and get insight in to who he thinks might be the catfish.
  • Shooby and Joey bond, and claim to be bro's until the end – probably the most personable and real of all the players. Joey really grew on me over the course of the season.
  • Game: "Most Likely" – players get to have fun identifying players who they would remain friends with – Joey; player who would hold a grudge – Sammy; die in a zombie apocalypse – Joey, and run for president – Shooby – interesting how Joey gets the highest praise.
  • ALERT: Final Ratings, no influencers, the ratings will decide the winner of the game. The players actually seem disappointed that their circle time is over; so what strategy should be taken? Should a player got with their heart or with sheer tactic?
  • Most players go for who they have built a close relationship with and believe is real to hold the highest rating – not necessarily the smartest tactic, but we are human after all, and building rapport and good communication yields friendship and thereby likes.
  • ALERT: The least popular player will automatically be blocked – Goodbye ED. Not surprising, he was the newest player amidst five who were there from the beginning, clearly it's hard to infiltrate the circle.  My gut, if he would have had the chance to stay longer, he would have won them over
  • Ed goes to see Sammy and she is shocked when his mother is introduced – they have a nice chat and she is left confused, wondering who else has partnered up.
  • The players receive videos from home and are informed that the last chat among them will be Face to Face (head exploding emoji)
  • What will happen when Shooby meets Rebecca? Ouch
the circle

Episode 12

  • The players get ready to finally meet, oh the nerves and anxiety. Looking their best coming out of solitary they one by one come in to general population
  • First Shooby and Rebecca comes face to face, if you ever want to see what being in love with a woman who is really a man looks like, watch this part. The agony as Shooby tries to pretend like it's all good, and she was just his "sister", ok, no one was buying it.
  • Chris is loved by all and is too shocked about the Catfish, so is Sammy
  • Joey and Shooby embrace, absolutely adorable to see their interaction, and just how well they have bonded.
  • The final five reunite with the blocked players and host Michelle Buteau to await the announcement of the winner.
  • Buteau interviews each one of the players and gives quick recaps of their time in The Circle.
  • Final Countdown: Most Popular Player IS…
    • #5 Rebecca – not shocking, there was nothing genuine about her, the other players clearly picked up on it
    • #4 Chris – was friendly with all, but did he really build a true connection with any of them? Not really
    • #3 Sammy – loved and hated at times, kind of always hovered in the middle
    • #2 Shooby – lovable, geek who is anti-social media, yet won the hearts of most of the players, but clearly not enough to get the win
    • #1 Joey – ABSOLUTEY DESERVED! In my opinion, he was by far the most genuine, good hearted of them all. He flirted, he called people out on their s***, yet he nurtured his alliances, and opened his heart to friendship.

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Likability comes down to basics, weather you are face to face or behind a computer, there is no way substitute for being genuine, heartfelt, and transparent (I still don't understand how Rebecca survived for so long). People innately see through bullshit, even if they are ultimately not able to pin point why they think someone is fake.

With time, relationships are built, and newcomers are not easily accepted until they have proven themselves worthy to a group.  So social media is really not much different than being face-to-face – minus the emojis, of course. So do the viewers want another season of The Circle? I know I do!

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