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Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize the eardrums of viewers of WWE Friday Night Smackdown with their "commentary"
Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, here to bring you the latest wrestling news and hot goss! WWE announcer Corey Graves has never been known for showing restraint or good judgment in his social media presence, but even by his standards, Graves was unusually bothered by criticism of wrestling commentary that didn't mention[...]
doctor who
Since that time, things were pretty quiet (minus some fun we had regarding a video he posted) but then Barrowman made a move that convinced us that he's either stopped giving even a single let alone two s**ts, or that someone needs to discuss his social media activities with him. Images: BBC/Screencap Now, we're not going to[...]
Blaseball Is Becoming The Best Time-Wasting Sport On Social Media
Which you may have noticed over the past week slowly creeping into your social media feed as one of the most talked-about non-sports games happening right now What exactly is it? Well… it's fantasy sports, but with a twist First off, all of the teams are fake teams from cities we all know and love,[...]
Supernatural -- "The Heroes' Journey" -- Image Number: SN1510a_0079bc.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Taking to social media on Sunday, the actor posted an eight-part message where he owns up to his own failings as an ally and "advocate for those who need help." Padalecki raises some thought-provoking points as he details how we can be better "shepherds" for those around us to educate others and makes a strong[...]
Steve Geppi's Lack of Social Media Filter - and Backing the Comeback
He has been putting himself out there to help #backthecomeback and raise awareness that comic book stores will be back in business with comics from all publishers in the coming weeks. This greater profile has also led some to see what else Steve Geppi has to say, including his social media feed Put it this way,[...]
Jamie and Claire have each other on Outlander, courtesy of STARZ.
Taking to social media late Thursday to reveal the "six years of constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative," Outlander star Sam Heughan is looking to set the record straight with his and the show's fanbase with a candid and heartfelt statement that touched upon a number of matters not many were aware of Having[...]