Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series Pilot Comisery Heads Your Way Memorial Day

Did we mention that it's also a much-needed comedy? Because that's what we can expect when Quentin Lee (White Frog, The People I’ve Slept With, Comedy InvAsian) and Adi Tantimedh's ("The Ravi PI" series from Simon & Schuster) pilot for Comisery streams on the Asian American Movies' Facebook page as well as at the pilot's[...]

Bill Murray is set to take on Guy Fieri this Friday, courtesy of Food Network Facebook.

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray Go Mano a Mano for All the Nachos

But it was his upcoming nacho-building competition against "The Mayor of Flavortown" himself Guy Fieri that spiked out attention, and it was that very same competition that took place on Friday, May 15.[caption id="attachment_1206627" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bill Murray is set to take on Guy Fieri this Friday, courtesy of Food Network Facebook.[/caption]To get everyone caught[...]

Bill Murray is set to take on Guy Fieri this Friday, courtesy of Food Network Facebook.

Bill Murray Talks Beating Michael Jordan, Guy Fieri's Nachos and More

With Bill Murray set to take on Guy Fieri in the ultimate of ultimate nacho-building this Friday for a Food Network Facebook Live event (more on that in a minute), you'd think the actor and beloved "national uncle" would be hard at work making sure he has the perfect toppings-to-nachos ratio Don't act like you[...]

chris jericho

AEW "Le Champion Eternel" Chris Jericho Serves "Saturday Night Special"

But if anyone deserves the title for one who's done the most with his social media life, it's "Le Champion Eternel" Chris Jericho - and guess what?He wants you to hang out with him this Saturday night.That's right, the lead singer of Fozzy is hosting the first-ever Chris Jericho's Saturday Night Special on Saturday, April[...]

Social Network Still

Jesse Eisenberg Would Play Mark Zuckerberg in Another Film

Jesse Eisenberg starred as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2010's The Social Network The film won universal acclaim, was nominated for numerous awards, won numerous awards, and is widely regarded as the best film from the last decade It holds up incredibly well, and so much has happened with Facebook since that it screams sequel[...]

Facebook Cancels GDC Plans Over Coronavirus Concerns

Facebook Cancels GDC Plans Over Coronavirus Concerns

Joining the growing list of companies pulling out of events due to the coronavirus, Facebook has decided to skip GDC 2020 this year The company posted the notice you see below on Oculus' website, letting fans and attendees know they would not be at the convention Instead, they will be doing a live video presentation[...]

Two New Pokémon Games Arrive On Facebook Gaming

Two New Pokémon Games Arrive On Facebook Gaming

Some surprising news before we hit the holidays this week, as Facebook Gaming and The Pokémon Company have launched two new Pokémon games The two games in question are Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle, both of which launched today for anyone to play This is kind of cool and a bit of a[...]

Facebook Acquires "Beat Saber" Developer Beat Games

A little bit of acquisition news this week as Facebook has acquired Beat Games, the developers of Beat Saber, and put them under the Oculus banner The move was a smart one as Beat Saber became one of the most recognizable VR titles of the past few years, being available on nearly every VR platform[...]

Facebook Gaming Adds Charity Livestreaming For Gaming Creators

Facebook Gaming Adds Charity Livestreaming For Gaming Creators

If you happen to be one of the content creators currently running on Facebook Gaming, you now have the option to do charity livestreams The company made the announcement last week letting everyone know about the new system and how things will work As part of the promotion, on GivingTuesday (December 3rd), Facebook will match[...]

StreamElements Research Shows Ninja Did Little To Help Mixer So Far

What's more, Mixer fell behind Facebook Gaming as far as viewership, making the Microsoft-owned platform the lowest of the four Here's a quote from Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElements on the release of the info.[caption id="attachment_1097392" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: StreamElements[/caption] "While we regularly see a drop in hours watched from August to September, there are some[...]


"Limetown": Her Name is Lia Haddock, and She Will Never Stop [TRAILER]

The mysteries of Limetown will be revealed before our very eyes – literally – in less than a month, with Jessica Biel (The Sinner) and Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada) starring in Facebook Watch’s 10-episode series adaptation of the popular podcast With Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things, upcoming The Little Mermaid) directing an episode and[...]

StreamElements Is Bringing Their Tech To Facebook

This morning, SteamElements announced that they would be bringing their service and several tools over to Facebook for their users Specifically, in an attempt to help out those who are using Facebook Gaming as they are providing some of the more popular and useful tools including OBS.Live, tipping tools, overlays, and media requests The elements[...]

Streamlabs Unveils Creator Sites For Live Streamers

Streamlabs Unveils Creator Sites For Live Streamers

The company essentially is branding this as "Shopify for Streamers", as you'll be able to integrate platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and Instagram together into a personal website dedicated just to you and your stream The idea being to bring everything together in one location as if you were your own business, complete[...]