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Mark Zuckerberg.
And finally, that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Meta, was such a keen young player in the little Leagues, that at the age of eight, he commissioned a baseball card of himself, and gave it to his favourite camp counsellor, Allie Tarantino Oh yes, American summer camps, that's another whole area I am just[...]
Christians Against Ms Marvel Changes To Christians Against She-Hulk
Back in June, with the release of the Disney+ TV series Ms Marvel, one Facebook group got much attention Christians Against Ms Marvel was a private group with over 17,000 followers, stating, "Ms Marvel might be the biggest slap in the face for conservative Christians to date!!! Disney has decided that the face of this[...]
'Christians Against Ms Marvel' Facebook Group Is A Troll Trap
Because we can't have nice things. But one Facebook group got a lot more attention than others Christians Against Ms Marvel is a private group that has over 17,300 followers And just a couple of days ago it had 14,000 It states that "Ms Marvel might be the biggest slap in the face for conservative Christians[...]
Mark Zuckerberg
In a special presentation that happened this morning, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Crayta is now on Facebook Gaming If you're not entirely familiar with the game, this was developed by UK-based studio Unit 2 Games and originally planned to be a Google Stadia exclusive title In fact, we tried it out back before[...]
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 Reveals Several New Titles
Earlier today, Facebook held the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 in which they showed off multiple VR titles coming to the platform During the 30-minute stream e got a number of cool announcements, including the reveal of a new Ghostbusters title, the next chapter in The Walking Dead's VR title, a new NFL game, another[...]
Ben Dunn's Facebook Has Been Hacked, Sending Out Spam
If you are friends on Facebook with Antarctic Press founder and creator of Warrior Nun Areala and Ninja High School, Ben Dunn, you may have had some odd messages on Facebook of late such as "Congrats to yesterday winner we're giving out $2400 to anyone that can find another number apart from 702 in this[...]
Comics Folk React To Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Outage Of 2021
So yes, Facebook is down, which means so is Instagram, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger What is a comic book creator who lives on social media to do? Why, go on Twitter of course… Fred Van Lente: I generally ignore #DeleteFacebook because I rarely use it, but am now having second thoughts; today a fake account has[...]
Facebook Gaming Adds Charity Livestreaming For Gaming Creators
Facebook Gaming announced today that they have re-opened up applications for their Black Gaming Creator Program The application process does come with a few snags, as they are only taking applications from the U.S for now, and that applications will only be open until October 29th Last year the platform launched the initiative and pledged[...]
Rival Peak Surpasses 100 Million Minutes Watched As It Ends
Genvid Technologies and Pipeworks Studios hit a special milestone with Rival Peak on Facebook as the event came to a close Along with DJ2 Entertainment, the collective group of them announced that the interactive Facebook experience had surpassed 100 million minutes watched on Facebook pages throughout its 12-week season Setting a major marker for itself[...]
Famous Faces' 27th Anniversary
This coming Monday, comic book store and contributor to the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, Famous Faces of West Melbourne, Florida is holding its 27th anniversary – online on Facebook It may not be 26 hours like their insane adventure over the summer, but they have decided to sell everything at just $5. Famous Faces' 27th Anniversary Join[...]
Facebook Gaming Adds Charity Livestreaming For Gaming Creators
Facebook Gaming announced this week that they have officially launched the Black Gaming Creator Program According to the social streaming division of the platform, a total of $10m (which will be spread out to $5m a year over the course of two years) will be used to support the Black gaming community and "equip the[...]
Farmville is Shutting Down After 11 Fruitful Years on Facebook
Zynga announced its intentions to shutter the title recently, but this was all foreshadowed when Facebook announced that it would no longer be supporting Flash games as of December 31 This has been a long time coming, and while it might be difficult to say goodbye, we've had a little while to get acclimated to[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
And they also closed the DC Nation Retailer Facebook group, a private arena where retailers could voice concerns to DC Comics, discuss issues amongst themselves and get answers Such as with DC's decision to spoil Batman #50 in the national press Recently there may have been more negative commentary than positive and so DC closed[...]
Comisery Week – Zoom Filmmaking in the Pandemic
The closest analogy for me is recording an audio play, which I had experienced back when I wrote radio, plays for the BBC in London. After we finished serializing Comisery on Facebook and it got over 135,000 views, Quentin took the eight episodes off Facebook and edited them into a 75-minute movie with a framing prologue[...]
A scene from Squidbillies (Image: Adult Swim)
The posts and comments in question have since been removed, with Baker's Facebook also going offline for a time before returning with comments removed. A look at some of Stuart Daniel Baker's posts (screencaps) A look at some of Stuart Daniel Baker's posts (screencaps) Those of you betting on ex-Squidbillies voice actor Stuart Daniel Baker (aka stage[...]