The Fall of the House of Usher "Perfect Bow" on Netflix Run: Flanagan

Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy, and Intrepid Pictures have been having a pretty good run of things lately (aside from Netflix canceling The Midnight Club, which was a punch to the feels). First, there was the news that the duo was moving from Netflix to their new, TV-exclusive home over at Amazon. And then, earlier today, we learned that Flanagan & Macy are adapting Stephen King's "The Dark Tower," with plans for five seasons and two standalone films. And that was carved off from their Amazon deal, so they can shop that around to a lot of folks who will be looking to pitch offers. But the duo still has one project remaining at Netflix, and it might be the one we've been looking forward to the most, The Fall of the House of Usher. In an interview with Deadline Hollywood from earlier today, Flanagan & Macy offered an update on the series, their expectations of Netflix, and how they feel about it being their Netflix "goodbye" series.

the fall of the house of usher
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"We're as thrilled as we could possibly be with how that turned out. We've just locked picture on all episodes, so we've been living with them a lot lately," Macy shared while offering an update on how post-production is going. "And in a lot of ways, I think it's one of our shows that could connect with the biggest audience. I love it for that reason, but it also feels different than anything else on TV, and I'm proud of it for that reason. We're very optimistic about it. And Netflix says they are, too, so we're counting on them to do right by it."

Flanagan sees the series as "the perfect bow" on their Netflix run, complimenting Bruce Greenwood for his "incredible performance" after replacing previously-cast Frank Langella. In a lot of ways, I feel like it's the perfect bow for that Netflix era of Intrepid to pull so many cast members and elements and themes from all of the shows that we did there. It really is kind of a grand curtain call for the Netflix type of work that we did," Flanagan added "I can tell you it's my wife's favorite of all of the shows, and she is always right. I'm still too close to it to say that I love the show; I'm so excited about it. And, for the tumultuous periods and events during production that you're talking about, Bruce Greenwood really obliterated any memories of that for us and delivered this incredible performance on a show that we're really thrilled with. So I have very high hopes for when it finally sees the light of day."

Netflix's The Fall of the House of Usher stars Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, Bruce Greenwood, Carl Lumbly, Mark Hamill, Annabeth Gish, Henry Thomas, Samantha Sloyan, T'Nia Miller, Rahul Kohli, Kate Siegel, Sauriyan Sapkota, Zach Gilford, Katie Parker, Michael Trucco, Malcolm Goodwin, Crystal Balint, Kyleigh Curran, Paola Nunez, Aya Furukawa, Matt Biedel, Daniel Jun, Ruth Codd, and Robert Longstreet. Based on a number of Poe's works, the eight-episode series is created by Flanagan, who will direct and executive produce along with his Intrepid Pictures partner Macy as well as Emmy Grinwis and Michael Fimognari. Intrepid Pictures' Melinda Nishioka will co-executive produce the project.

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