The Flash, Supergirl & More STILL Need to Remind People to Wear Masks?

Look, you can't blame The CW and the stars of "Arrowverse" shows like The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and more, from trying. While the rest of the world slowly gets back to some sense of post-COVID normally with new health and safety regulations in place, the U.S. finds itself still a steaming petri dish of disease as common sense and concern about not killing other people gives way to pettiness, prejudice, and the machinations of very small-minded folks. But clearly, Black Lightning (Cress Williams), Stargirl (Brec Bessinger), Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), The Flash (Grant Gustin), White Canary (Caity Lotz), and… yes… even Beebo (Beebo) haven't lost their faith because now they're back in action one more time to remind you that "Real Heroes Wear Masks" (once again, their nice way of saying, "stop being selfish ***** and wear your damn mask but since they still need to keep viewers…).

Superman wears a mask (Image: The CW)
Superman wears a mask (Image: The CW)

So one more time… for those who need reminding… for those who need convincing… and for the ones this will have no impact on whatsoever because "Wearing a mask violates my rights! 'Murica!"… your friends from The Flash, Stargirl, Superman & Lois, and more trying to save the day one mask at a time:

Because you were nice enough to stick around past the video, here's a look at something you might've missed from earlier this week. Our new Batwoman aka Ryan Wilder, Javicia Leslie, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what the role means and the responsibilities that come with it: "This really had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my people and with little Black girls." Leslie felt a connection to the role of Ryan Wilder from the moment she auditioned, appreciating her "quirky but 'I'm a boss if I have to be' type of mentality.'" As for the physical challenges that come with the role, Leslie feels she's coming at them with an advantage. "I'm very active in my personal life so being able to allow that to be my work, that's heaven for me," Leslie explained. "I do Muay Thai. I do fitness training. I run. Anything that's active I'm always down for, so this is going to be like playing on the playground every day."

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder aka Batwoman (Image WBTV)

Now here are two things you should know about the upcoming second season. First, filming hasn't started yet; and no, she hasn't gotten to see the new Batwoman suit- yet. "I've just been taking this little bit of time we have left, exercising, getting back in shape, getting my adrenaline and my momentum back up, enjoying time with family and friends while I can before work starts," she says. "It's been a good season, a season of rebuilding and reconnecting with  myself." Leslie plans on using that good vibe to tackle a role that she has the opportunity to truly make her own- and could possibly call home for some time to come."There's not many actors that get this opportunity to play in a world that you can continue to develop and expand on for a decade," Leslie explains. "This is a great beginning to what I'm sure will be a very long journey."

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