In These Times, Remember The Wise Words Of Herman Munster

The Munsters was a fantastic TV show that ran from 1964-1966, starring Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster, head of a household of monsters. This included his vampire wife Lily, played by Yvonne De Carlo, Grampa, also a vampire and played by Al Lewis, their half vampire, half werewolf son Eddie played by Butch Patrick. Their normal human niece, Marilyn, initially played by Beverly Owen. The family would get into all kinds of hijinks and such, but not without their moments of levity. One such moment from the episode of The Munsters "Eddie's Nickname," is getting passed around a lot right now. Talking with his son, the head Munster passes on a lesson to his son Eddie that we can all take to heart right now.

The Munsters is a Show Worth Revisiting

For those who have not watched the show in a while or never watched it before, please do. It is a classic of a different age that deserves to have an audience until the end of time and especially for the performance of Fred Gwynne, a gentle soul, and a mountain of a man both in stature and goodness. The Munsters is the role he was most known for, although he had many memorable roles over the years. The message above is a timeless one and one that we can all apply to our lives right now.

In These Times, Remember The Wise Words Of Herman Munster
Herman Munster

How You Can Help

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