The Sandman S02, NYCC 2022 & Neil Gaiman, Too: It's Speculation Time!

So here's the thing. We understand everything that Neil Gaiman has explained to us regarding the behind-the-scenes process involved when it comes to Netflix making a decision on the second season of a series. In this case, obviously, we're talking about The Sandman. There's the 30-day analytics watch, and then you also want to factor in as many non-binging, extended viewers as possible to help make your case. And that's not taking into consideration the larger, more business-centered factors that could doom a series that would once seem a no-brainer for a return. Remember, we live in a time when a show like Chad was pulled from returning to TBS only hours before its season premiere. But with that said? We need to feed our dumpster fires of random speculation because they're been starving… and next week's New York Comic Con (NYCC) is too good of a target to pass up.

the sandman
The Sandman. Writer Neil Gaiman on the set of The Sandman. Cr. Ekua King/Netflix © 2022

So here's what we know. With NYCC running from Thursday, October 6th, to Sunday, October 9th, Gaiman will be there on Friday for two big events. First, he's joining Amazon's Good Omens 2 panel for a special fan Q&A with members of the cast & creative team (and we're assuming a teaser, trailer, or preview). Now, would we be surprised to get some intel on Anansi Boys, too? Nope, especially with it being another series on Amazon's Prime Video. From there, Gaiman is being honored (along with Roy Thomas, Gilbert Shelton, and the late Little Lulu creator Marge Buell) with an induction into the Hall of Fame during the 34th Harvey Awards ceremony. And that's it. At least according to what Gaiman tweeted on Thursday:

And then there's the matter of series stars Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, and Mason Alexander Park all making their way out to NYCC, too. Now to be clear? All three are only listed for "Photo Ops/Autographing." In addition, Sturridge and Park are available on Thursday & Friday, while Holbrook is available on Saturday & Sunday. But that doesn't mean that Holbrook wouldn't be flying in on Friday… meaning Gaiman, Sturridge, Holbrook, and Park would all have Friday in common. So you see what we're speculating… right? On the same day that Gaiman is receiving a top honor and promoting the return of his beloved Amazon series, it really would be a great day to drop some The Sandman Season 2 news. Again… this is pure, uncut, random speculation and not some "Knives Out!" attempt to crack the mystery. But damn, if that wouldn't be pretty nice. The only thing that would be sweeter? A multi-season renewal with a "Johanna Constantine" limited series with Jenna Coleman… but we won't be greedy.

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