The Sandman S02 Watch: 5 Spinoffs We're Actually Very Serious About

Look, these things are going to happen. We're only human. And if it was up to us, based on what we've seen for almost two months now? We would've given Netflix's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman a two-season green light already. And while we're sure that Gaiman and the team behind the live-action series would be in our camp on this one, unfortunately, none of us makes the decisions for the streaming service. So we're stuck in limbo, forcing us to have to fill the dead air with speculative content. Like yesterday, when we went "Knives Out!" to try to piece together the "clues" to prove our theory that news of a second season will drop during next weekend's New York Comic Con (NYCC)- and we think we made a pretty convincing argument. But that was yesterday, and today's today. So let's see if there's any news on Season 2. Hold on… nope. Okay, so what we're going to do instead is make our down-n-dirty pitches for five spinoffs series/limited series we need to see. And while some of them would incorporate aspects of the comic book series & spinoffs not addressed, please note that I'm looking at this in the context of the streaming series' universe.

the sandman
THE SANDMAN (Image: Netflix)

1. Johanna Constantine

Seriously? Do we need to say more? Either go six-episode limited series or "Sherlock"-style, with Jenna Coleman's Constantine taking on the supernatural world in modern times (with flashes back to her 18th Century ancestor). And don't you dare leave out Meera Syal's "Ric the Vic."

2. Lucienne the Librarian

Vivienne Acheampong's Lucienne is probably the most badass in a cast of badasses and, in many ways, the true power-broker behind The Dreaming. I mean, who else could keep the place running while Morpheus/Dream (Tom Sturridge) was imprisoned? And that's what we want to see/learn more about, that time period when Lucienne stepped up to make the save.

3. Matthew the Raven & Mervyn Pumpkinhead

Again… seriously? We need to see Patton Oswalt's Matthew and Mark Hamill's Mervyn in some kind of "buddy cop" team-up scenario. Maybe sent on a secret mission that involves saving The Dreaming? Though, to be honest, we would be happy just to listen to the two have a conversation in a diner booth at 3 am about what they should have for breakfast.

4. The Sandman: Tales from The Dreaming

Look, aside from being excellent additions to the overall series? "Episode 11" stories "Dream of a Thousand Cats" (directed by Hisko Hulsing and written by Catherine Smyth-McMullen) and "Calliope" (directed by Louise Hooper and written by Smyth-McMullen) proved that an anthology series set within "The Sandman" universe could work quite nicely, thank you very much. And I'm looking for it to go Rod Serling style, with various members of The Dreaming serving as our episode bookend hosts.

5. The Sandman: The Wake-Up Call

Okay, it's probably a bit too soon for this, but… have you heard about Paramount+'s The Offer? The streaming series told the real-life backstory of how The Godfather finally made it from the page to the screen. Well, considering the nearly two-decade-long journey that Gaiman went on to see his work come to live-action life (and the "interesting" attempts to adapt the work that failed), I know that's a story I need to know more about. I mean, just to see some of those ideas that EP Jon Peters has would be worth the price of admission alone. But the biggest question? Who gets to play Gaiman?

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