The Venture Bros.: HBO Max's Andy Forssell Wants More Hank & Dean, Too

So could that "Star Trek"-like return of The Venture Bros. that creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer spoke about in a recent interview already be underway? By now, you know that the Adult Swim series was ended after 7 seasons, 81 episodes, and 16+ years, even though work on the eighth season was already underway. But even when the news was first announced, there was buzz that Adult Swim wasn't quite done with the franchise (even from Adult Swim itself) and now it looks like the possibility of more Hank and Dean is becoming a bit more real- thanks to HBO Max?

A look at The Venture Bros. (Image: Adult Swim)
A look at The Venture Bros. (Image: Adult Swim)

With all of the changes and restructuring going on at WarnerMedia, we almost missed this tweet from HBO Max head Andy Forssell that was directed to the show's loyal fanbase. As you're about to see, Forssell and his folks have definitely been getting your messages about bringing back the series. Along with expressing appreciation for how "incredibly civil" the fans have been, he ended on a note that definitely keeps a lot of "hope candles" burning out there ("Nothing imminent, but know that we're working on it.") along with a supportive hashtag to drive the point home.

Publick and Hammer opened up to NPR about the series' end last month, with the duo admitting that while their plans for the series were to keep the things open-ended when it did end its run, the seventh season finale was too open-ended and not how they envisioned its wrap-up. "We would never end the show with one of our characters [Hank] going away," Hammer explained. "We have a character walking away from the Venture family, which is not the way Jackson and I think of the Ventures. There is love and family at the core of all this, and yes [it's] dysfunctional… but love and family is a deep part of our show. And to have somebody flip his gears and just go off in search for himself… that's not the kind of ending we would ever write. That doesn't feel good to me."

But even with an ending they may not have wanted or expected, Publick and Hammer haven't lost their deep appreciation for the series, its influence on television, and its devoted fanbase. "I am proud that we made something almost entirely on our terms and it worked," Publick says. "I didn't know how much we would mean to a lot of people, and to know that that's from just spilling your guts and trying your hardest to make the thing as good by your standards as possible… means a lot."

"When you're a writer and people give you advice, they say write what you know, which is really shorthand for write who you are: Write your experiences, write your truth, don't second guess other people's expectations, don't take somebody else's voice and use it as your own, write what you truly are," Hammer continued. "I have done a lot of things creatively in my life, but 'The Venture Bros.' is the one where we threw out the idea of trying to be anybody else… mainly because we can't! We can't show up at the party as like the most popular guy, but we can show up at the party with a car shaped like a butterfly."

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