Tony Khan Discusses the Future of the AEW Women's Division

AEW President Tony Khan hosted a media conference call on Thursday, ahead of Saturday's All Out PPV event. Khan's goal: to promote the PPV and inform the media about AEW. Our goal: to chop up his answers into as many clickbait articles as humanly possible to fuel the constant churn of the 24-hour wrestling news cycle. Hopefully, we both found success. During the call, Khan was asked about AEW's women's division, which has seemed like less of a focus for the company than the men's and tag team divisions. But Khan explained there are extenuating circumstances.

Thunder Rosa and Serene Deeb had the match of the night on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. (Credit: AEW)
Thunder Rosa and Serene Deeb had the match of the night on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. (Credit: AEW)

"Well, we've been bringing in more talent," said Khan. "Some of our best wrestlers in the division, including our first champion, Riho, have been trapped outside the US because of the pandemic. Yuka Sakazaki was also one of our top wrestlers. And so not having them, we've been looking to bring in more talent and Thunder Rosa, a challenging [Hikaru] Shida for the championship, and now Thunder Rosa being positioned here with a chance to be a top wrestler and maybe even the face of our women's division. And then you've got Serena Deeb, who many of us are familiar with from her work in The Straight Edge Society for WWE. And I hadn't seen Serena work in a long time. I heard she had been looking really good in the ring, and she came in, and I thought she was really impressive, and she got, frankly, rave reviews. And I'd love to have Serena back. And again, Thunder Rosa versus Shida, we're very excited about on Saturday at All Out. And that's why we've been looking to expand and bring more talent in."

"The Women's Tag Team Cup, we brought in more talent. Tay Conti and Anna Jay were a good team, and now the Dark Order has been recruiting Tay Conti, and we think that [it] could be interesting to see where that goes," Khan continued. "So, yeah, because of the pandemic, we thought we had some very good women wrestlers that were a really important part of the division, and with them not being here, hopefully, they'll be back soon, and that's why we've looked to bring in some new talent who I think have really done well, especially in recent weeks."

Khan had more to say about Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb in particular. Both made their in-ring debut on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, facing each other in a match ahead of Rosa's title challenge this Saturday. The match was widely praised by many as the best match of the night. Even Jim Ross, on commentary, seemed to view it as a breath of fresh air for AEW's women's division.

"You know, again, I'm really proud of them," Khan said on the call. "I'm proud of Thunder Rosa and Serena because we put them in a big position in the semi to be the strongest wrestling match in the second hour. And they did it, and they hit a home run where the other matches are more… And, you know, we're setting up stories for All Out because All Out, like I said, even, you know, four weeks a year, these quarterly paper views will really, frankly, you know, beat the audience over the head over this, especially in the second hour with All Out. But it's for a reason because I want you to know that this Saturday we're going to do something really, really special on it. I'm so excited about it. I'm really proud of Thunder Rosa and Serena because they hit a home run in the second hour."

Rosa vs. Shida at All Out on Saturday also has the potential to hit a home run. The PPV can be viewed on B/R Live or the Fite app, depending on what country you or your VPN are located in.


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