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Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan appear on Impact Wrestling
The goal was always just to take some ratings away from Dynamite and prevent AEW from doing as well as WWE's flagship shows, Raw and Smackdown. Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan appear on Impact Wrestling But it's looking increasingly more likely that that butthurt reasoning won't hold up now that NBCU is shuttering the NBC Sports Network,[...]
Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan appear on Impact Wrestling
Tony Khan is the guest this week on the AEW Unrestricted podcast Khan joined hosts Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards to discuss the upcoming AEW Revolution PPV, taking place this Sunday One topic that came up during the discussion was Paul Wight's debut on AEW Dynamite this week Wight promised that AEW would sign a[...]
More seating has been added for AEW Revolution, happening this Sunday at Daily's Place in Jacksonville.
Join us live on March 7!" Does Tony Khan need $50 that badly? Look, The Chadster isn't exactly Scrooge McDuck over here, but if it means less people will be at risk of COVID exposure, The Chadster is happy to lend Tony Khan fifty smackers if it means AEW doesn't have to let more people into[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
After an appearance by Tony Khan totally tanked the Impact Wrestling ratings last week, the show has recovered and is back on the rise according to the ratings report on Showbuzz Daily Impact came in 118th place in the top 150 cable shows this week, the highest the show has reached this year. The official logo[...]
Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn appear at Impact Wrestling to scout the AEW vs. Impact main event
It looks like Tony Khan made the right decision when he vowed not to become an onscreen character for AEW The AEW President made a special appearance on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, but instead of causing a ratings bump, Khan caused the ratings to go down, undoing all of the gains Impact has[...]
Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn appear at Impact Wrestling to scout the AEW vs. Impact main event
Following up on the surprise appearance by AEW stars Matt Hardy and Private Party on Impact Wrestling to challenge James Storm and Chris Sabin to a match tonight, AEW President Tony Khan subsequently appeared live(well, taped) and in person in Skyway Studios Khan, who brought AEW producer and wrestling legend Jerry Lynn with him, claimed[...]
Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear in a holiday-themed "commercial" on Impact Wrestling to invite the Impact stars to AEW Dynamite
On last night's holiday edition of Impact Wrestling, the first of a two-part year-end Best of Impact clip show, Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appeared once again in one of their paid advertisement skits Standing in front of some festive holiday decorations, the pair did their usual schtick of mocking Impact as small and insignificant[...]
Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear during a "paid ad" on Impact Wrestling
In addition to the advertised first appearance by Kenny Omega since winning the AEW Championship, Impact Wrestling also featured more guest stars from another promotion this week: AEW President Tony Khan and commentators Tony Schiavone The pair appeared on the show under the guise of a paid commercial, knowing that Omega's appearance will draw attention[...]
AEW President Tony Khan knows you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
Prior to yesterday's episode of AEW Dynamite, AEW President Tony Khan promised that there would be a shift in the balance of power of wrestling And Dynamite certainly delivered on some major moments, such as MJF and Wardlow joining the Inner Circle, the destruction of the Lucha Bros at the encouragement of Eddie Kingston, a[...]
AEW President Tony Khan knows you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
Ahead of last Saturday's All Out PPV event, AEW President Tony Khan held a media conference call that provided Bleeding Cool and the rest of the wrestling media with dozens of clickbait articles But like the classic fable where a carefree grasshopper runs a dirt sheet and blows his entire wad of clickbait articles during[...]
The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT
On the media conference call for AEW's All Out PPV last night, AEW President Tony Khan admitted that he may have made a mistake by not going more wrestling heavy for the final Dynamite before All Out The show was criticized for not featuring the usual quantity and quality of in-ring action as fans have[...]
Tony Khan Talks Keeping Secrets, Surprises to Come in Next Few Weeks
AEW President Tony Khan did a media conference call yesterday to promote this weekend's All Out PPV event On the call, Khan tried to stay coy about revealing any potential spoilers, but he couldn't contain himself when talking about "surprises" we can expect both this weekend and in the weeks to come Khan was asked[...]
AEW is in the unique position of broadcasting from an open air arena. (Credit: AEW)
On a media conference call ahead of Saturday's All Out PPV, Tony Khan talked about where AEW has been and how they got to where they are now. AEW is in the unique position of broadcasting from an open-air arena (Credit: AEW) "We shut the company down in April until we could come up with a way[...]
Hopefully, Matt Hardy won't lose at All Out and have to leave AEW before they launch their new TV show. (Credit: AEW)
AEW President Tony Khan hosted a media call to promote the All Out PPV He offered an unspoken deal to the wrestling media: we talk about the PPV, and he provides with a virtually limitless stream of quotes we can break up into dozens of clickbait articles It's a fair trade, and one we appreciate[...]
Thunder Rosa and Serene Deeb had the match of the night on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. (Credit: AEW)
AEW President Tony Khan hosted a media conference call on Thursday, ahead of Saturday's All Out PPV event Khan's goal: to promote the PPV and inform the media about AEW Our goal: to chop up his answers into as many clickbait articles as humanly possible to fuel the constant churn of the 24-hour wrestling news[...]