Tony Khan Talks Keeping Secrets, Surprises to Come in Next Few Weeks

AEW President Tony Khan did a media conference call yesterday to promote this weekend's All Out PPV event. On the call, Khan tried to stay coy about revealing any potential spoilers, but he couldn't contain himself when talking about "surprises" we can expect both this weekend and in the weeks to come. Khan was asked how AEW manages to keep its surprises under wrap, and he attributed it mostly to not a lot of people knowing about them.

AEW President Tony Khan knows you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
AEW President Tony Khan knows you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

"We work really hard at it," Khan said. "We keep a small circle. We're a small company. It's a family business—a small company. And we're a startup. And we've grown so quickly worldwide, but, frankly, even though we're the second biggest wrestling company in the world, we're not the biggest machine. We're not the biggest. There's not so many people to spoil a surprise, because I think the more people that are in on it, the more likely it is. And we really benefit that we got a lot of great, trustworthy people in our front office. And I keep things very close to the vest, frankly. But the people I do talk to I really trust, and the people we bring in have been really trustworthy. So I think it's been a really positive thing for us. And we've tried to keep these surprises a surprise. And frankly, we have a lot more surprises ahead for you in the coming weeks. And I'm excited about things, things that are coming."

Tony Khan did discuss one major surprise that was leaked, the appearance of Eric Bischoff to moderate the debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Jericho later blamed the leak on an "NXT reject."

"So I really respect the job of our team have done, and the rare time's things have come out, I don't think they were from people in our core organization," Khan said. "It's funny, Chris, I think at one point alluded, Jericho, alluded to somebody he thought mentioned something off a taped show. And I think he was right. And I don't think that was a person that works here. But generally, when we've tried to keep surprises, we've kept them in the family. And we have a great family here."

Later on, in the conference call, Khan once again teased "some fun surprises" in the next week specifically. "And so, yeah, it's crazy," he said. "I'm really, really excited for this weekend, and things like All Out and shows like All Out are what get me going. I'm also really excited for this, just this whole week because I know that the Dynamite after All Out is going to be really, really good. I can't tell you guys everything about it yet because you're going to have to see the pay per view and see what happens on the pay per view, and there'll be some fun surprises. But this whole next week, I'm really, really excited about. And that's as a fan and also as what I do professionally, that this is one of my great loves, my great love."

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