HBO's Smash-Hit Comedy Veep To End After Season 7

HBO's Smash-Hit Comedy Veep To End After Season 7

Veep, the popular HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Elaine from Seinfeld fame) about an incompetent vice president attempting to survive her duties with a dysfunctional support staff, is set to end after its seventh season, according to Variety.

The long-lived comedy had won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and proved that you can indeed do something well-received after starring in Seinfeld and aren't doomed to TV Land, like Wayne Knight, yelling racial slurs during stand-up comedy, like Michael Richards, or making the damn Bee Movie, like Jerry Seinfeld himself.

Well, there is also Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, but he was a creator and not a star.

The more recent seasons of Veep find Louis-Dreyfus's Selina Meyer in the position of the presidency itself and present this character trying to come to grips with being the most powerful woman in the world.

The news was delivered by Casey Bloys, the president of HBO programming itself, and was made four months after the show was renewed for a seventh season:

"The decision to bring 'Veep' to a close at the end of next season is bittersweet. We love the show and everyone involved but respect the producers' choice to bring Selina Meyer's journey to its conclusion after an extraordinary run of critical and award-winning acclaim."

So this was a decision of the showrunners and not HBO itself. That makes sense — this show is highly successful, and Louis-Dreyfus is up for another Emmy for her role as Selina Meyer. HBO would probably have had this thing running as long as possible. The fact that it was the choice of the people actually making the show at least points to the likelihood of it having a satisfying ending for longtime viewers.

Maybe this will free Tony Hale up enough to finally make Arrested Development Season 5. Hopefully he and David Cross are finally done making the damn Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

I'm going to bring this up every time I get a news story about someone involved with that show. I want my fifth season already.

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