Vince McMahon Reverses Decision on Fossils in Wrestling Matches

At last night's Money in the Bank match, both men and women battled at the same time throughout WWE's corporate headquarters for a chance to climb a ladder on the roof and obtain a Money in the Bank contract, granting the bearer a WWE world title opportunity at any time. The match gave viewers a virtual tour of Titan Towers, with a mirror in the weight room getting smashed at one point, food flung about the hallways and cafeteria, and some wall art broken over wrestler's heads. However, one place wrestlers were not allowed to trash was Vince McMahon's offices, and for a very good reason.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles picked the wrong office to fight in: Vince McMahon's at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.
Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles picked the wrong office to fight in: Vince McMahon's at Money in the Bank, courtesy of WWE.

At one point during the match, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles found themselves battling inside Vince McMahon's office, only to find Vince himself seated in the chair behind his desk. Vince was shocked and dismayed to find a fight breaking his office, which is surprising considering he's the one that booked the match and surely signed off on the advertisements teasing that the match could end up there. Nevertheless, Vince was not pleased and Styles and Bryan apologized, straightening up the chairs before calmly exiting the office. You can watch a video of the scene below.

According to a report from, the reason Vince McMahon didn't want anybody trashing his office is because he feared for the safety of the actual real Tyrannosaurus Rex skull mounted on his wall, which was apparently a gift from Vince's son-in-law, Triple H. The decision marks a stark contradiction on Vince's previous stance on allowing fossils to be involved in wrestling matches, which is usually encouraged, as seen in the Undertaker documentary that aired after the PPV ended. Perhaps if The Undertaker were gifted to Vince McMahon by Triple H, he would be allowed to retire with dignity.

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