Was CM Punk Behind the Mask at MKE Wrestling Card This Weekend? [VIDEO]

From what we've been reading on social media and wrestling news/rumor sites about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling, and others over the past several months, it looks like the best storylines and true drama is going on behind the scenes (and would make for better programming over some of what's been put out lately).

If there's one name that's been a constant in the rumor mills – one name that still gets chanted during Raw and SmackDown broadcasts – one name that fans continue to hotly debate if or when he'll grace the squared circle again.

Well, it appears former two-time ROH World Television Champion Silas Young's Wisconsin-based MKE Wrestling promotion brought more than their opinion into the conversation.

cm punk

They brought CM Punk. Maybe.

On Saturday morning, MKE Wrestling tweeted a video from a card held the previous night that featured a masked man storming the ring to stop Daryck St. Holmes from using a chair during his match. The masked man would go on to execute a "G.T.S." on Holmes, costing Holmes the match. The disguised individual was clearly on a hit-and-run assignment, exiting the ring and the building almost as quickly as he entered the scene.

Now you might be wondering why that would be enough to draw the conclusion that it was CM Punk behind the mask… and you would be right: it's not. One person who does help the argument is Young himself, whose as-subtle-as-a-sledgehammer follow-up tweets dropped ten ton hints that it was, in fact, "The Best in The World":

"Here is some PUNK…". Like we said… subtle.

Another clue? The following Instagram post from Brett Danner that shows him posing with Punk at a wrestling tournament at West Allis Central High School in the Milwaukee area – with Punk wearing what looks like a pretty familar looking. Go back and look at the video above to see what we mean…

View this post on Instagram.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp had some interesting background on Punk and his past history of going the masked route through the Fightful Select service:

"A trusted source contacted us and said that this actually isn't the first time it's happened. Apparently Punk appeared under a hood at some point before his falling out with Colt Cabana, which would have been during the Wrestling Road Diaries 3 filming. We're told that it was dropped from the final cut after Punk and Cabana's issues developed."

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