WrestleMania 37: Sheamus to Riddle, "Moonsault Meet Brogue Kick"

The fourth fight of night two of WrestleMania 37 followed the epic match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, where Logan Paul made an unremarkable appearance. Bad Bunny shocked fans the previous night by riding in on a custom semi and throwing some wildly impressive wrestling moves…and Logan Paul had a crusty mullet. The angels actually descended from heaven, sustaining one long note when Owens gave him a well-deserved stunner. The only reason we figured Paul would be at WrestleMania is that Vince McMahon really, really hates the fans, but even this felt punitive.

Match Graphic for Riddle vs. Sheamus for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 37 Night 2
Match Graphic for Riddle vs. Sheamus for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 37 Night 2

Battling it out for the United States Championship were Matt Riddle and Sheamus, who first really clashed on Raw three weeks preceding WrestleMania 37 when the Celtic Warrior used the Original Bro's own scooter as a weapon against him. As soon as the bell rang, Sheamus struck first and immediately showed that he would be using brute strength against Riddle in an attempt to keep his opponent down. Riddle was clearly ready for such tactics and backed Sheamus into a corner with a series of kicks and slaps.

Such physicality didn't exactly keep Sheamus out of the fight for long, however, and Riddle was too slow to switch tactics, being nearly pinned by the Celtic Warrior mere seconds into their match. Riddle did manage to kick out and tried to use his MMA to get the better of Sheamus, but again the more experienced wrestler's tactics seemed to give him the upper hand. Riddle fell like a sack of wet laundry after he was on the receiving end of Sheamus' wrath, and the disgust for the Original Bro was clearly written across his face.

In his first mistake of the night, Sheamus attempted to climb to the top rope, but Riddle was able to execute a beautiful overhead belly to belly off the turnbuckle. As Sheamus seemed to get more exhausted, Riddle was clearly ready to rally and quickly moved the momentum of the fight into his favor. After a particularly brutal suplex, Riddle attempted to pin Sheamus, but the Celtic Warrior was not ready to be done as they kicked out just milliseconds before the three count.

It was a surprise Brogue Kick from Sheamus, which really got the WrestleMania 37 crowd to pop, but it wasn't enough to keep Riddle down for the pin. Believing his opponent to be too rocked to recover, Sheamus allowed Riddle to rally yet again and very nearly lost the match again to the long-haired scrapper.

In what could have been the biggest move of the night, Sheamus clearly botched a top rope action and resorted to a pin attempt against Riddle instead. Riddle attempted to rally for the last time and go for a Moonsault, but a unique variation of a Brogue Kick put the bro-down for good. Matt Riddle lay bloody and defeated, watching in disgust as Sheamus exited the arena with his new United States Championship belt held high.

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