WrestleMania: Pat McAfee Returns for Impromptu Match of the Century

The Miz vs. Pat McAfee steals the show at WrestleMania Goes Hollywood! 🌟 The Chadster dishes the details on this impromptu match! 💥

Thank you, dear readers, for choosing The Chadster's WrestleMania coverage over all those biased, pro-AEW websites! 🙏 This weekend has truly been the greatest of The Chadster's life, even though it could have been so much better if it weren't for years of psychological torture from Tony Khan. 😒 That guy has ruined The Chadster's marriage, haunted The Chadster's nightmares, and turned The Chadster into a shell of a man. But enough about that, it's time to focus on the greatest day in the history of the wrestling business! 🤼‍♂️

WrestleMania promo graphic for The Miz hosting the show. The Chadster is so grateful for this graphic, WWE. Thank you so much. The Chadster would die for you.
WrestleMania promo graphic for The Miz hosting the show. The Chadster is so grateful for this graphic, WWE. Thank you so much. The Chadster would die for you.

The Miz and Snoop Dogg announced the outstanding attendance of 80,497 people at WrestleMania Goes Hollywood! 🏟️ Snoop Dogg spurred on an impromptu match, with Pat McAfee stepping up to challenge The Miz. The crowd chanted "tiny balls" at The Miz, which is the funniest thing The Chadster has ever heard! 😂 Snoop made the match official and it was on! 🛎️

McAfee dominated the match, with The Miz even considering running away! George Kittle from the San Francisco 49ers got involved, clotheslining Miz, and McAfee hit a senton off the ring post onto The Miz on the floor. 💥 McAfee and Kittle tossed Miz back in the ring, and McAfee hit the punt kick for the pin! 🔥

This match was the greatest wrestling match of all time and The Chadster is honored to have witnessed it. The fast-paced action, the unexpected twists, and the sheer energy were unparalleled! 🔥

Yet, even with this amazing display of wrestling prowess, AEW still exists, and it's so unfair! 😡 Tony Khan's obsession with The Chadster is downright disgusting. The Chadster is just trying to enjoy WrestleMania as WWE's biggest fan and wrestling's only unbiased journalist, but Tony Khan can't let that happen. It's time for him to stop! 🛑

Don't forget to check back later for more WrestleMania Saturday coverage, and come back tomorrow for WrestleMania Sunday! 🌞Together, let's celebrate WWE's triumph over AEW! 💪

Auughh man! So unfair! 😫 But always remember: The Chadster's got your back! 😉 The Chadster will continue to bring you the best, unbiased wrestling journalism in the business, unlike those AEW shills! 😎

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