WWE's Elimination Chamber 2018: The First-Ever RAW Women's Elimination Chamber Match!

Last night for the first time ever, the RAW Women's Division got to participate in an Elimination Chamber Match. This match was for the RAW Women's title, which seems unfair, since barely seen champ Brock Lesnar isn't in the men's chamber match.

First out was Alexa Bliss, followed by Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville. I'm glad to see Paige gets to at least be ring side for the event. Each woman — save for Deville — entered the pod. The last person to the ring was Bayley, who would start the match against Deville. The matchup of Bayley and Deville is a smart move. They can both bring out each others a-game

Deville wasted no time with trying to pin Bayley as soon as possible. But Bayley was ready to go, and she had a upper hand for a good while. but Deville wasn't going down without a fight! The two eventually tried to use the cage against each other, but to their credit, they weren't taking it. This was an excellent way to start this historic match.

The first chamber to open in the match was for Mandy Rose, bringing the Absolution team together against Bayley. This didn't deter Bayley, who was pretty fearless in this two-on-one situation. Banks followed, who went right after Rose. After a great head start, Banks got Rose into a Banks Statement, making Rose the first person eliminated from the match. James replaced Rose immediately after, taking on Deville, Bayley, and Banks without breaking a real sweat. At one point James jumped off the top of her pod onto Deville, taking out the remaining member of Absolution. But right after eliminating Deville, Bayley eliminated James. I genuinely feel bad for James, whose return to WWE has been mostly a bunch of losses.

For a moment of time, the only two in the ring were Bayley and Banks. This dying friendship has been coming to ahead at this point, and while they could have gone after each other, they decided to wait for Bliss to enter the ring… and Bliss, in true heel fashion, climbed up the steel cage to get away. This strategy didn't work for her, as both Banks and Bayley climbed after her. Eventually Banks caught up with Bliss… and also turned on Bayley at the same time. Finally, all three of them went after each other, and the tension was real.

The three women put up a helluva fight, making this a great first Elimination Chamber Match for the women. In a stolen moment from Bayley, Bliss eliminated Bayley. This left Banks and Bliss last in the match, which is also a good match to watch. Trying to end the match, Bliss executed a Twisted Bliss off the top of a chamber pod, but Banks got her into a Banks Statement. Bliss got out, and in a grueling last few minutes, Bliss got to retain her title, sending her to Wrestlemania, still as champ.

After her victory, a teary-eyed Bliss said this meant everything to her. In a moment of genuine sincerity, Bliss said this victory was for every little girl and woman who ever dreamed big, and that you can be whatever you want to be. But, in order to save her heel face, she informed everyone they would never accomplish anything, and there was no one better than her.

God bless you, Alexa Bliss. You are absolutely worthy of that title.

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