WWE Gives Superfan Vladimir Abouzeide a Peacock Documentary

Not content with controlling the narrative about all its performers, the next subject of a WWE Documentary on Peacock will be Vladimir Abouzeide. And if you're asking, "who the hell is that," you've surely seen him before. Let this press release from WWE explain what Superfan: The Story of Vladimir is all about.

This summer, WWE Network Documentaries will shine a light not on a famous Superstar or Legend of the ring, but on one of WWE's most devoted fans.

You might not know Vladimir Abouzeide by name, but to any longtime viewer, his face is almost as recognizable as Shawn Michaels' or John Cena's.

That's because for more than 30 years, Abouzeide — the subject of the upcoming documentary, Superfan: The Story of Vladimir — was a fixture at ringside in WWE's home arena of Madison Square Garden. Anytime a wrestling ring was erected inside MSG, you could count on Abouzeide being in the front row, a grin spread ear-to-ear as he cheered on his favorite Superstars and gave the business to the rest.

Graphic for WWE Superfan
Graphic for Superfan

Yes, WWE is making documentaries about their fans now, which begs the question: will WWE trademark the name Vladimir Abouzeide? If he goes to a show by another wrestling company, does he need to use a different name? That may seem like a ridiculous thing to ask, but remember: if you appear on the WWE Thunderdome even one time, WWE owns your likeness in perpetuity. What the hell kind of contract do you think they made this guy sign? Exactly.

Take it home, press release:

After many months of not attending WWE events, Abouzeide finally returned at this year's WrestleMania, where he not only took in The Show of Shows live and in-person but was even recognized by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, as he was presented with a plaque and named WWE's first Official Superfan.

Don't miss Superfan: The Story of Vladimir when it debuts this summer, streaming exclusively on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else. Keep an eye on WWE Network social channels in the coming months for details on the documentary's premiere date.

Hey, do you think they'll do Chad McMahon next? I'll let him know he should apply.

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