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WWE NOC: Brock Lesnar Wins; Cody Rhodes' Story Suffers Writer's Block

A broken-armed Cody Rhodes took on Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions. Well, let's just say that Cody's story has hit a rough patch.

Putting aside all of the very real-world problems that come along with the WWE continuing to host premium events in Saudi Arabia because that's an entire post unto itself, today's WWE Night of Champions at the Jeddah Superdome brought us one of the most confusing matches we've seen in some time – and that's saying a whole helluva lot. As you're well aware, the next chapter in "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes' "story" (one that already feels like it has a few too many "chapters" & "spinoffs" on the way) sees him taking on "The Beast" Brock Lesnar – with a broken arm. Or, a "small fracture," as he shared with viewers as he headed into the arena. Of course, this break came at the hands of Lesnar – who went to town on Rhodes this past Monday night on Raw. And yet? Yup, the match is still going on. A broken-armed Rhodes will be taking on a dude who's been booked in the past to brutalize big-name (and healthy) opponents in less time than it takes for Lesnar to make it down to the ring.

Image: WWE

If Rhodes wins, it elevates him to "superhero" status on the level of Hulk Hogan during Hogan's in-ring prime pumped-up revivals – and makes almost every past opponent that Lesnar's faced look even weaker in the process. If Lesnar wins, then what was the point? Other than maybe a storyline where Triple H is secretly working against Rhodes because of the whole AEW deal with the throne and the sledgehammer. But if that's the case, then expect this "story" to end up being Naruto-levels long. So what did we get? Let's start with Rhodes offering an update on that broken wing:

And then the match got underway, and… well… it didn't take long before the metaphorical "800lb Gorilla with the Broken Arm" in the corner of the room made its presence known:

Look, it was a valiant effort (???), but in the end, Rhodes couldn't keep out of Lesnar's Kimura forever, passing out from the pain as the ref stops the match. The crowd? Lots of boos. Lesnar? Not all that happy – but is anyone that surprised?


And here's more of that official key art to make it all… we're guessing "super official":

WWE NOC: Cody Rhodes Brock Lesnar
Image: WWE

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