WWE Raw: 10 Highlights from Last Night's Halloween Episode

WWE Raw aired on Halloween this week, and or the first time in a long time, this year's Halloween episode was more treat and less trick. Per Bleeding Cool policy, this recap of WWE Raw video highlights has been organized in the form of a listicle. Here are 10 Highlights from last night's Halloween episode of WWE Raw.

WWE Raw: 10 Highlights from Last Night's Halloween Episode
Triple H not taking it easy on WWE Raw

1. Bianca Belair Defeats Nikki Cross in WWE Raw Opener

Nikki Cross's return to her old gimmick is not going so great, as she's only one week in and she already lost to Bianca Belair in the opening match of WWE Raw last night. Even worse, with interference during the match and a beatdown afterward by Damage CTRL, all of this was just to set up the return of Alexa Bliss and Asuka, who made the save and later challenged Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai to a match for the tag belts.



2. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Brock Lesnar was scheduled for a sit-down, split-screen interview with Bobby Lashley ahead of their Crown Jewel match, but Cowboy Brock doesn't follow the rules, so he left Lashley alone on screen and hit the ring to call him out. Lashley obliged, resulting in the standard pull-apart brawl where fifty officials come out and can't hold back two men from leaping at each other. It was cool the first 500 times this happened, but it barely resonates anymore due to overuse. This should be a big match, but it's hard to care about any of these Saudi PPVs. The one bright spot was Triple H appeared on camera, looking very livid, though now when we see Triple H livid we're just worried about his pacemaker.

3. Seth Rollins Defeats Austin Theory on WWE Raw

This was a good match, but we've never understood the wisdom of having the MITB briefcase holder look like a loser for a year before he finally cashes in the briefcase (in a cheap way, usually). Then what do you have? A weak-ass champion, if he wins the cash-in, or a total loser if he doesn't.

4. The Miz Gets What He Deserves on WWE Raw Part 1

It's not often The Tribal Chief shows up on WWE Raw. In fact, it's not too often the champ shows up on TV at all. He's a part-timer, after all. So when Reigns does appear on Raw to promote his match against… ahem… Logan Paul at… ahem… Crown Jewel, the last thing he wants is to deal with The Miz of all people. But Miz interrupted Roman's promo to offer to team up. He got knocked out instead. And that was just the start of his problems.


5. The Truth Can't Handle Baron Corbin

R-Truth may not have to deal with the 24/7 Championship nonsense anymore, but that doesn't mean his stock has necessarily risen. He got beaten up in a throaway segment to put over JBL's protege Baron Corbin.

6. Karl Anderson Gets the Win on WWE Raw

In another filler match, Karl Anderson beat Damian Priest by rollup.

7. Otis Gets a Pumpkin on His Heat in a WWE Raw Trick-or-Street-Fight

In one of the few Halloween-themed moments on Raw last night, Matt Riddle faced Otis in a "trick-or-street-fight" match, which is hardcore match, but instead of chairs and kendo sticks, Otis ends up with a pumpkin stuck on his head by Elias. You know, the usual.

8. The Miz Gets What He Deserves on WWE Raw Part 2

The Miz lost to Mustafa Ali in a match on WWE Raw last night after Dexter Lumis distracted him. We'd say that it's great that Ali finally got a win, but when the purpose of your win is just to show how embarrassing it is for your opponent to get distracted and lose to you, it doesn't really count. Sorry.

9. The Miz Gets What He Deserves on WWE Raw Part 3

That wasn't all for The Miz's very bad day. The grand finale was this masterpiece starring Johnny Gargano. Just watch it!

10. New Tag Team Champions Crowned on WWE Raw

And finally, bringing things full circle from the first segment, Alexa Bliss and Asuka beat Damage CTRL to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions.


Crown Jewel takes place on Saturday, so if you care about that sort of thing, you can watch it on Peacock.

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