WWE Raw: Angel Garza Does What One Should Never Do

WWE Raw plodded through another dull Monday night this week, and if you skipped watching it, you probably made the right decision. But in case some sick part of you needs to know what happened on WWE's longest and most grueling to watch show, the company has released a bunch of YouTube videos that, while not completely removing the pain of watching Raw, can at least lessen it by making it much shorter. And we'll help you out even more by telling you whether you should bother even watching each clip.

Angel Garza has a horrible idea on WWE Raw
Angel Garza has a horrible idea on WWE Raw

Angel Garza Goes Ass to Mouth

Two weeks ago, Angel Garza took his rose and he shoved it up Drew Gulak's ass. No, really. And this week, Garza took that same rose (well, probably a different rose, but it's grosser to imagine it's the same one), and stuck it in Gulak's mouth after beating him again in a short match. What's the point of this feud? Does anyone actually look better for being involved in it? We don't know the answer to these questions, but we do know if you watch one clip from WWE Raw this week, it's gotta be this one.

"Garza won the match! He should be able to do whatever he wants!" Really, Corey Graves? Really?

More Dumb Alexa Bliss Crap

Even coming from WWE, which is like the world's premiere organization in producing stupid crap, the Alexa Bliss haunted doll storyline is exceptionally dumb. Please don't watch theses video clips. We already regret even posting them here.

And yes, Alexa and the stupid doll played a roll in making the Women's Tag Team Championship rematch even more pointless than it already was.

Whatever Happened to AJ Styles?

It's unclear who the heels and faces are supposed to be in a feud between Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos and the team of Elias and Jaxson Ryker. What is clear is that there's no chemistry between these teams and this feud should end as soon as possible. Skip it!

RKBro Strengthen Their Bonds

The bromance between Randy Orton and Riddle is easily the best thing going on Raw each week, so you should definitely watch these segments in which Riddle at first tries to convince Orton to stop being mean to the New Day, but eventually learns to side with Orton on the matter.

Will Orton betray Riddle one day? Of course he will. But until then, we are enjoying this wonderful friendship.

Akira Tozawa Wins the 24/7 Championship

Are these segments stupid and way, way past their expiration date? Absolutely. Is this the only thing of consequence to happen on WWE Raw this week? That too. So watch these, we guess.

Asuka Actually Gets a Win on Charlotte Flair

Not only a good match, but a victory for Asuka. By rollup, but still. Give this one a watch.

John Morrison Isn't Dead… But The Miz Is

John Morrison survived the zombie attack to engage in a pointless match with Damian Priest on WWE Raw this week. The Miz did not. Not because he was eaten. He apparently has a torn ACL. Skip this one, since the feud will fade away with Miz out.

Poor Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander

Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were having a great run as members of the Hurt Business, but now they can barely even get their feud on YouTube. Sure, we did get this video of their backstage altercation, but we have to go to Twitter for the fallout during the Damian Priest vs. John Morrison match:

Ricochet and Sheamus Have the Match of the Night

We're not sure what's gotten into Sheamus, but detoxing from Jeff Hardy's urine has done him some good. Sheamus has been putting on great matches recently, and who better to have a great match with than Ricochet? Definitely check this one out.

Kofi Kingston Has His Best Night Since Losing to Brock Lesnar

Not only did Kofi Kingston score a win over Randy Orton (see earlier), but he beat the WWE Champion as well. Is it time for Kofimania 2? Sadly, probably not, since the win was still all about Drew McInture. Definitely worth a watch though.

And perhaps the best part of it all? McIntyre gained a new nickname from the whole thing:

Yeah he is.

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