WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Whips It Out, Breaks a Table in Half

WWE Raw plodded through another dull Monday night this week, and if you skipped watching it, you probably made the right decision. But in case some sick part of you needs to know what happened on WWE's longest and most grueling to watch show, the company has released a bunch of YouTube videos that, while not completely removing the pain of watching Raw, can at least lessen it by making it much shorter. And we'll help you out even more by telling you whether you should bother even watching each clip.

You're not losing it, Shayna. WWE Raw really is this bad.
You're not losing it, Shayna. WWE Raw really is this bad.

Is the Raw Tag Team Division in Ring Shape?

To kick off Raw this week, AJ Styles evaluated the Raw tag team division for future opponents once WWE goes back on the road in July. AJ was impressed, but Miz and Morrison (with Miz in a wheelchair) feel the division could use some saving. What followed was a tag team battle royal, which the Viking Raiders won. This will surely put butts in the seats in July. You can do better things with your time than watch these clips.

Who will cheer for babyface Jaxson Ryker?

WWE is taking advantage of the last days of the Thunderdome to pretend Trumper Jaxson Ryker will ever get over as a babyface with the WWE Universe. Of the many reasons the return of fans to wrestling is needed, the fact that they will boo this kind of crap out of the building is our personal favorite. Watch, just to laugh at the fake cheers for this dumbass.

Will the action never end?!

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley did the contract signing thing for Hell in a Cell, with the main outcome being this will be McIntyre's final shot at the WWE Championship. Yeah, we'll see. Watch the clips, if only to see McIntyre whip it out and break the table in half.

His sword! Whip out his sword!

Not in the face!

Continuing this thrilling storyline, Humberto Carillo and Ricochet battled each other to a double countout while a permanently disfigured Sheamus watched from commentary. Even more pointless than Raw matches usually are, which is saying something! Skip it.

Exterme…ly boring…

Jeff Hardy got his first win in months on WWE Raw this week, defeating Cedric Alexander, which just goes to show you how little WWE thinks of Cedric Alexander. You'd think these two would have a great match, but why should they? Skip it.

Is it over yet?

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley teamed up to face Nikki Cross and Asuka in the "oh crap we still have how much time to fill?!" spot on WWE Raw this week. Cross got the pin after Flair took out Ripley. You've already wasted too much time on this.

If only they were all this short.

Mansoor pinned Drew Gulak in under three minutes. If every match on Raw was this short… well, it would still be long as hell because of all the talking segments. Skip it.


Kofi Kingston defeated Riddle in singles competition and Raw's only worthwhile match of the night. Definitely watch this one.

Should have turned it off after that last one!

The less said about this Alexa's Playground segment, which ended in a poltergeist freakout after Shayna Baszler stomped on Alexa Bliss's doll, the better. Yes, Shayna Baszler is now feuding with a doll going into Hell in a Cell. Which means the worst is yet to come.

Why do we do this to ourselves every week?

Next week: the return of Eva Marie.

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